Mercury Prize Online Betting

Since 1992, The Mercury Prize has been elevating relatively unknown artists to a place of prominence in the UK music scene. With just a single prize each year, this exclusive honor has been a blessing for some artists and a curse for others.

Today, we will discuss a bit about the history of the prize, help you pick out a real money Mercury Prize betting site, and give you the tools to start Mercury Prize betting online today.

Best Mercury Prize Betting Sites

Our team has evaluated dozens of Mercury Prize online sportsbooks, and here is the definitive list of the best websites to bet on who will win the Mercury Prize. We used an extensive list of criteria to determine which sites will offer you the best possible online betting experience. Below the list, you will find a few of the criteria we used. Feel free to use these in evaluating any other Mercury Prize betting site you may be considering.

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 BetUS
125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
3 Everygame
100% up to $500 Go to Site
4 Bovada
50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
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6 MyBookie
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Attributes of High-Quality Mercury Prize Betting Sites

Valuable Bonuses

One thing you should look for when selecting your Mercury Prize online betting sites is a valuable new player signup bonus. These are perks given to new players to help draw them away from the competition. Most of the time, these will come in the form of a deposit match when you initially fund your account. If your site is offering a 50% match on the first $500 you put in, you can get an additional free $250 just for starting with more than $500. Be sure to take advantage of these juicy deals as they can make a massive difference for your bankroll when betting online at Hyundai Mercury Prize betting sites.

Competitive Odds

Mercury Prize LogoThe next important thing to consider when deciding which Mercury Prize betting sites to use is the quality of their odds. Betting odds are used to communicate the payout that corresponds with a specific bet. Most sportsbooks list odds alongside their bets. After determining who you think will win, shop around to see which sites are offering the best odds for the bet you wish to place.

Depending on when you place your bet, the candidates being offered may not even match the eventual winners. Once the shortlist has been released, you’ll have a much better idea of who the potential winners are. At this point, just make sure you are getting the best possible odds for your selection.

User Interface

A vital part of online gambling is a high-quality user interface. You want to place bets on online Mercury Prize sportsbooks that are straightforward, clean, and easy to navigate. The sites that made our list have all made significant investments in building exceptional user experiences through thoughtful and clear website design. Mercury Prize Betting online on these sites will be both easy and enjoyable.

Security at Online Mercury Prize Sportsbooks

Security should always be a top concern when evaluating any Mercury Prize online sportsbooks. It is vital that you play on a site that puts player safety above all else by using top-of-the-line security to ensure all player data remains secure. You can rest assured that if you play on any of our recommended sites, you’ll have the safest and most enjoyable real money Mercury Prize betting experience possible.

Customer Service

Finally, we looked for Hyundai Mercury Prize betting sites that offer superior customer care. We selected sites that offer 24/7 support, a variety of contact options, including phone, chat, and email, as well as a long history of satisfied customers. You can be sure that if you have any kind of issue while playing on these sites, you will get a prompt and professional resolution.

What Is the Mercury Prize?

History of the Mercury Prize

The “Mercury Prize,” formerly the “Mercury Music Prize,” is an annual prize awarded to the best album of the year released by a British or Irish artist. Unlike other prizes, there are no categories, just a single prize. Also, unlike other awards, the Mercury Prize is for an album, not a single song or artist as a whole. Created in 1992 by the British Phonographic Industry and the British Association of Record Dealers as an alternative to the Brit Awards, the Mercury prize has grown into an exclusive and prestigious honor.

Selection Process

One of the things that makes betting on music awards such as the Mercury Prize so interesting is the subjective nature of the selections. All albums released by a British or Irish artist within that calendar year are eligible. Selections are made by industry experts to narrow down the thousands of albums to what is called the “shortlist.” These shortlisted albums are often the ones you are most likely to find an online sportsbook with Mercury Prize odds on. From this shortlist, a single winner is chosen.

What Does the Winner Get?

Long considered to be an exclusive and prestigious prize, the winner of the Mercury Prize does get a physical prize, but that’s not the real benefit. On top of getting a trophy and a check for £25,000, the artist gets notoriety.

Rapper Dave, Winner of the Mercury Prize 2019

The major benefit of winning the Mercury Prize is the massive spike in sales that happens as a result of getting such a high honor. Many artists see their sales increase by as much as 500% after winning. In fact, many artists credit the Mercury Prize with taking their career to a whole new level.

The Curse of the Mercury Prize

While many consider the Mercury Prize to be a highly sought-after accolade, not every artist feels that way. Over the years, the award has also developed a reputation of sinking just as many careers as it has bolstered. To some artists, winning the Mercury Prize is considered a curse that is sure to sink their career like it has for many prior winners. Most notably, in 2001, the band Gorillaz requested their debut album be removed from the shortlist. One of the members said that winning the prize would be “like carrying a dead albatross ‘round your neck for eternity.

Is It Legal to Bet on the Mercury Prize?

Betting on who will win the Mercury Prize is just like betting on sports. The legality of betting on entertainment awards will generally align with the legality of betting on sports. All bets are offered by bookmakers, who determine which events they want to offer odds on. While sports are the primary focus of most bettors, there is a good-sized market for more obscure bets in entertainment.

When we talk about the legalization of “sports betting”, we are really referring to the legalization of operating a bookmaker. Once legalized, these bookmakers can offer odds on anything they think will garner interest and can make them some money.

How to Bet on the Mercury Prize Online

Pick Your Mercury Prize Betting Site

Step one is deciding where to bet on the Mercury Prize online. Use the criteria we provided above and decide which of these are most important to you. Visit each of the sites on our list and see which one is the best match for your needs. Take some time in making these decisions since where you decide to play will heavily influence the quality of your online betting experience.

Remember that you want to find a site that is offering odds on the candidate you want to win. Since it is possible that each site will offer different candidates, be sure to check.

Sign up and Fund Your Account

Once you’ve landed on a site, go ahead and get registered. This process should be quick, easy, and should only require basic information. Some Mercury Prize betting sites will require additional identity verification to make withdrawals, so make sure to comply with your site’s requirements. Also, be sure to double-check new layer bonuses when funding your account. Take full advantage of these deposit matches if possible.

How to Fund

Place Your Mercury Prize Bets

The time has come to bet! Now that you’ve chosen a site and gotten registered, determine who you think will win the Hyundai Mercury Prize. Be sure to do your research prior to placing your bet. And consider the timing of your bet and adjust your strategy accordingly. Are you betting before or after the shortlist is released? When you feel comfortable with your selection, place your bet.

Tips for Betting on the Mercury Prize

    Mercury Prize Trophy
  • First, industry knowledge and an understanding of the music scene in the UK is crucial to picking a potential winner. Since many of the shortlisted artists qualify on their debut album, you are unlikely to have good insight into potential winners without having a pulse on the industry. Be sure to brush up on new and upcoming artists to make sure no gems slip under your radar.
  • Second, the Mercury Prize is notorious for naming the outside shot as the potential winner. In contrast to other awards that can be more predictable and generally favor the most popular or famous artists, the Mercury Prize is the opposite. Many winners are essentially plucked out of obscurity and the winning album is often by an artist with some of the least name recognition of any of the candidates on the shortlist.
  • Finally, even if you aren’t a music buff, you can have success betting on the Mercury Prize if you do your homework. Once the shortlist is released, listen to all the chosen albums and do some research. This is where having some background in the music industry may help you to evaluate the merits of each album. Even if you aren’t part of the music industry, you can use your own judgment along with your research to make your best possible bet on who you think will win.

Conclusion on Mercury Prize Online Betting

The British music industry is an exciting place to find fun ways to bet, and Mercury Prize betting online is no exception. With a wide range of potential winners, highly subjective selection criteria, and a reputation for being unpredictable, the prize offers a unique betting experience. Whether you are a music industry insider or a casual listener, you’ll find something to love when betting in the Mercury Prize.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a bit more about the history of the prize, feel confident picking out Mercury Prize sportsbooks online, and understand some of the strategy that goes into making quality picks. You are now ready to start placing your first real money bets!

Be sure to check back on The Sports Geek for more insight into successfully betting on the Mercury Prize and other entertainment awards. Always gamble responsibly, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Have fun and good luck!

Mercury Prize Betting Sites FAQ

The legality of betting on the Mercury Prize is aligned with sports betting for your area. Feel free to legally place real money bets on a variety of reputable Mercury Prize online betting sites like the ones that made our list.

Check out our list of recommended real money Mercury Prize betting sites for access to some of the best odds anywhere on the internet.

There is only a single “winner” of the Mercury Prize, but a handful of albums are “shortlisted” which is still considered to be a high honor.

The Mercury Prize is an annual event, encompassing all albums released by a British or Irish artist that year.