How to Bet on Flashpoint Online

CSGO betting is a hot topic! It’s been hot for a few years already. Half a decade almost, come to think of it! The game’s betting scene has been active pretty much since the first major esports championships. What started out as a massive skin betting trend was quick to evolve into a comprehensive industry, one of the biggest supporting industries of the esports ecosystem. When talking about the biggest CSGO events in the eyes of esports betting enthusiasts, though, betting on Flashpoint is definitely near the top of the list despite the event being relatively new.

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We’re talking about a league-like competition here. It’s a competition that wanted to kick ESL Pro League out and form the first (somewhat) real franchised system in CSGO. The franchising movement in esports is a massive trend, and Flashpoint wanted to cash in on the CSGO esports opportunity. Unfortunately, as you’ll soon find out, ESL Pro League came out victorious.

Still, contrary to popular belief, Flashpoint is not a dead event. Yes, it does feature somewhat of a lower-tier set of teams, but it’s still entertaining to watch. Most importantly, people love betting on Flashpoint, which should be an important factor in its quest to snatch high-quality players, teams, and sponsors in the future.

Best CSGO Betting Sites for Flashpoint

Let’s cut with the introduction and start dissecting things the way they should be! First up on our bucket list is a brief guide on real money Flashpoint betting online!

The best advice we can give you here is to make sure you’re using the best CSGO betting sites with Flashpoint odds!

The sea of esports betting sites will surprise you, to say the least. But you should know that the majority of those sites aren’t good for you. They either have high profit margins or don’t take good care of your personal information. Either way, you shouldn’t stick with them. Instead, you should opt for one of the following esports betting platforms featuring Flashpoint betting.

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These are some of the biggest names in the online betting business. They’re not just offering CSGO bets but bets on all sorts of other esports, too. Conventional sports are present, too. After all, most of these sites earned their reputation by facilitating online sports betting for many years. If you want to stay safe while betting on Flashpoint, going with any of the above-featured CSGO betting sites with Flashpoint odds is a must!

Interesting Flashpoint Facts

  • Flashpoint’s inaugural season took place during the first wave of the lockdown. The league had to be switched from LAN to an online environment, just like its direct competitor, ESL Pro League.
  • Flashpoint is a pretty lucrative league, which was to be expected considering its (somewhat) franchised system. The inaugural season featured $1,000,000 in prize money, half of which went to the winning team, MAD Lions.
  • Yep, MAD Lions won the inaugural season of Flashpoint. It’s nothing surprising since they were favored in the Flashpoint betting odds from the start. They defeated MIBR in the grand finals. Fun fact: MIBR was the only team that managed to play both ESL Pro League and Flashpoint.
  • Luckily, the situation didn’t stop Flashpoint from reaching solid viewership numbers. According to Esports Charts, the grand finals match had more than 282,000 peak viewers. On average, the streams had just short of 50,000 viewers.

Flashpoint History

Flashpoint’s debut happened in early 2020, meaning there’s not much history to talk about. No worries, as time goes on and Flashpoint events go by, we’ll update this section accordingly. As mentioned earlier, MAD Lions won the inaugural season of Flashpoint.

The Danish side was one of the favorites coming into the event, but they’re still struggling against top sides, which goes to show you the lack of strong teams on Flashpoint. That’s not to say things won’t change in the near future…

Flashpoint’s viewership numbers weren’t that bad and there’s definitely room for improvement. What matters is a healthy community, a well-balanced franchising system, and good production quality. The inaugural season had all three of those factors, which is why good things ought to come in the seasons to come.

How to Bet on Flashpoint Online

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide that explains how you can start betting on Flashpoint:

  1. Register for an account on one of the most popular esports betting sites. There’s a list at the top of this page to make it easy for you to find where to bet on Flashpoint online.
  2. Confirm your identity by completing the registration process and validating your government-issued ID. This is a necessary step that most CSGO betting sites require these days.
  3. Next up, you’re going to need some money to wager. These days, online Flashpoint betting sites offer all sorts of payment methods so you should be covered assuming you opted for a Tier I bookie, that is.
  4. Finally, you’re ready to make your first real Flashpoint bet. It’s simple! Find the CSGO market, select Flashpoint and choose your desired match. The location of esports markets and Flashpoint betting options vary from bookie to bookie.

For more information, check out our in-depth online CSGO betting guide!

Betting on Flashpoint FAQ

You can start your very own Flashpoint betting career on all of the online betting sites that offer CSGO betting odds. Those are quite common these days. Basically, every even remotely popular online betting site features CSGO odds. And since Flashpoint is developing into one of the game’s biggest events, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding proper Flashpoint betting sites.

CSGO Flashpoint betting is technically the same as betting on all other CSGO events; all other esports for that matter, too! The premise is the same as with conventional sports betting. There’s no need to go anywhere out of your home. The convenience factor is definitely there, allowing you to place wagers online from the comfort of your sofa.

As for the technicalities, everything has already been explained above. If you are still carrying some questions or other issues are bothering you, please refer to our in-depth esports betting guide. It answers most (if not all) questions regarding the flourishing esports betting business.

Betting on CSGO; betting on Flashpoint if we are to be more precise, is as safe as the bookmaker you opt for. If you commit to an unsafe bookie that does everything in its power to make you lose tons of money, you should be making a switch or dropping online betting on esports altogether.

Fishy esports betting sites have additional issues, too. If you decide to stick with them, you’ll soon find out about their mischievous fees, high profit margins, and even attempts of stealing your personal information. The latter might seem too far of a stretch, but there were rumors of C-tier bookies doing exactly that.

If you’d like to keep betting on Flashpoint, CSGO or other esports titles, but you’d like to feel safe while doing so, then head on over to the top of this piece and check out the list of sites with Flashpoint betting odds!

Subjectively, we love where Flashpoint is headed! It’s not a fully-fledged franchised competition but it’s not far off either. The idea of having a short list of partnered teams competing with teams that qualified via online qualifiers makes perfect sense within CSGO’s esports ecosystem.

Objectively, ESL Pro League is still much better. The reason is the sheer quality of competing teams. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing bad about teams such as MAD Lions, C0ntact Gaming, Gen.G, etc., but ESL Pro League has far better teams and that’s a fact. The team strength can’t even be compared here. Comparing Astralis, Faze Clan, and NaVi to the likes of MAD Lions, C0ntact Gaming, and Cloud9, but they can’t really be put into the same basket with the world’s best.

So yeah, long story short — Flashpoint definitely has bright ideas and high production quality, but ESL Pro League is still the CSGO leagues’ champion thanks to the superiority of its teams.

Flashpoint is the child of FACEIT and B Site Inc. The latter is something of an unknown in the esports world, with no prior experience in the niche. There’s not a lot of information online either.

Esports Championship Series is no more! The eighth season was the final one. FACEIT’s competitive experiments are all wrapped up! What happened to the event? You can think of Flashpoint sort of like a spiritual successor of the ECS, but with (somewhat) franchised teams and a completely different competitive structure and hierarchy.