Frequently Asked Questions About Esports Betting

The esports scene is a rapidly expanding one. Expansions kickstarted in a veil of secrecy, but the situation quickly went from the margins of mainstream media to right in the center of the spotlight. Nowadays, everyone and their grandmother wants to be a part of the growing esports scene. That includes the supporting real money esports betting industry which has developed an independent ecosystem that manages to flourish despite the ongoing talks about an inevitable recession.

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For instance, Newzoo predicts the global esports revenues will grow over $1.1 billion in 2021 with YOY (year-over-year) growth close to 16%. Roughly three-quarters of the total revenue (roughly $820 million) will come from media rights and sponsors. Last but not least, the total esports audience will grow to half a billion this year. That ought to mark a massive milestone in the industry, especially considering a relatively high YoY growth of +11.7%. You can find out more interesting esports stats by visiting Newzoo!

Because esports is such a booming market, a continuous surge of demand for esports betting online is nothing surprising. With each passing year, we have increasing numbers of esports betting enthusiasts who demand concrete improvements that’ll get esports betting on par with betting on conventional sports.

Obviously, beginners to esports betting online need to learn the basics, and Google might not be the ideal solution in this particular case. How come? Well, when you Google how to bet on esports online, you might not get the ideal search results. Most websites that dominate the search results in this niche are of questionable quality and might do you more harm than good in the long run, so make sure you stay well protected.

And that’s exactly what this page is all about, ensuring you get the optimal esports betting online by answering the most commonly asked questions regarding this modern type of betting!

Answering the Common Questions About Online Esports Betting

Without beating around the bush for much longer, here are the answers for the most frequently asked questions about esports betting.

Esports are video games featuring a highly competitive multiplayer portion, with addicting, well-balanced gameplay, and immensely high skill ceiling. While 1v1 esports do exist, typically, we’re talking about team-based gameplay with three to five players per team.

When talking about esports, it’s important to make esports events clear, too. Esports events are professionally organized competitions in various video games with clear cut schedules, featuring professional-grade productions, live broadcasting, and esports organizations with paid professional gamers to do what they do best. It’s a complex ecosystem that’s turning into a behemoth of an industry, which is exactly why betting on esports online keeps on flourishing.

Many people can’t differentiate esports and video games these days. It’s pretty simple, though. All esports are video games, but not all video games are esports. The difference is in the gameplay mechanics and availability of online competitions.

The top-tier esports titles are League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO. They are the bread and butter of what the esports industry has to offer but are slowly getting trampled down by numerous new competitors.

The likes of Free Fire, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six are inching closer and closer, each enjoying their own share of the market and captivating massive crowds. Fighting games are on the rise too, with the likes of Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat always in the top esports discussions. There’s something for everyone, and if you’re competitive enough, you might just make it in the harsh world of professional gaming!

In essence, esports and sports are basically the same thing. Yes, we know we’ve just angered a bunch of jocks reading this, but it is how it is! Esports and sports have a lot more in common than most people think. For starters, both feature professional athletes that have dedicated their lives to one single sport/esport and have earned their spot on the top level by being the best among their peers.

When it comes to betting on sports and esports, the scenarios are quite similar, too. The only real differences are the disciplines themselves. The bookies are the same, and basic bets are the same, and the wagering process is identical. the only real differences are the disciplines themselves and the complexity of specials. If you know how to bet on sports online, you will have no problems with betting on esports online!

Now, this is probably the most common question regarding real money esports betting.

The answer is quite simple, either find a proper guide to esports betting online or throw caution to the wind. Of course, the latter option might not be suitable for people who want to win money.

Esports betting is not as complicated as you might think. As stated earlier, if you know how to bet on conventional sports, you’ll be able to bet on esports without breaking a sweat.

You’d like to bet on esports matches, but you’re worried your personal information might fall into the wrong hands. Nope, you're not paranoid. Security is a big part of the online world and worrying about your personal information is only logical.

As far as esports betting goes, you have nothing to worry about… If you’re using one of the most popular online sportsbooks out there. Great bookies are capable of providing you with the online esports betting experience you deserve. But what exactly makes great bookies? Well, that answer is coming right up.

When talking about the things that make great real money esports betting sites, a few factors immediately come to mind. Betting odds are among the best-known factors that show just how greedy a bookie is. The higher the profit margin, the lower the odds. Of course, you as a bettor will always be on the hunt for the greatest value, and, to put it simply, you won’t be able to find it on high-profit margin bookies.

Customer support is of great importance, too. Whether we’re talking about phone lines, email, or live chat, customer support staff must be trained and filled with skilled, English-speaking CS experts. Customer support is the only connection between bookies and end-users, which is why it has to be in good condition.

If you're looking for a site to place esports bets, consider checking out our page on the best esports betting sites!

Yes, you should! This I another very frequently asked question about esports betting. Joining multiple esports betting sites allow you to compare the odds, value, and the diversity of available special bets. Depending on the game you want to bet on, the importance of these three factors will vary greatly.

On top of that, joining multiple real money esports betting sites will allow you to exploit more welcome bonuses. Welcome bonuses are a great way of adding extra funds to your betting bankrolls. And while you can’t cash them out immediately after the deposit, they still come in handy as they allow you to follow up on riskier bets, hoping you’ll catch a bookie off-guard with a massive win.

We’re not your typical online betting site that forces its visitors to bet more they can afford. We’re a group of sports betting geeks that love to share our information with massive audiences, hoping we can all make a profit off greedy bookies.

So, realistically speaking, the chances of one making a living by betting on esports is virtually second to none. Esports betting online, just like betting on conventional sports, is a great way to get some extra money in or kill a few hours on a weekly basis. While there are folks who are making a living by betting on sports, we can’t really recommend it, as it’s a highly risky move that could affect your finances, your wellbeing, and your relationships.

The three most popular esports titles to bet on are the aforementioned trio, Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends. Additionally, betting on the likes of Overwatch, Rocket League, and Call of Duty seems to be on the rise, too. Battle Royale games are losing their popularity, with only PUBG remaining a noteworthy player in the esports betting scene. From all we can tell, Riot Games’ upcoming tactical FPS Valorant seems like a great fun betting-wise!

While this highly depends on your location, in general, betting on esports online is considered legal. There are no online gambling regulators that hold a grudge against the esports betting industry, meaning it usually has no limitations. If your country allows online betting, chances are, online esports betting is 100% legal.

Online esports betting using skins, however, is a completely different story. While some skin betting websites might seem all fancy and legit, we’re mostly talking about shady businesses with a history of data leaks, privacy issues, and outright scams.

Stay on the safe side and only use trustworthy bookies that feature both sports and esports markets!

In general, the vast majority of esports betting enthusiasts use online betting platforms to place their bets. That said, we reckon brick and mortar shops featuring esports bets do exist, but we really don’t see the point in going through all that hassle just to make an in-person esports bet.

Online betting platforms’ biggest plus is the convenience factor. You can access them from anywhere, anytime, and cash in on your esports knowledge no matter what! Let’s face it, online betting platforms have made brick and mortar shops practically obsolete.

The biggest events for esports betting are as follows:

  • League of Legends World Championships, the most watched esports event in the world
  • Dota 2 The Internationals, the most lucrative esports event in the world
  • CS:GO Majors, biannual events packing an enormous amount of betting fun
  • Overwatch League, first properly franchised league enjoying plenty of success

There’s a ton of additional events, some of which are worthy of being listed among the aforementioned names. However, when it comes to betting on esports online, nothing comes close to these four. So, if you’re looking to start your esports betting tale with a banger, make sure you start when one of these events is just around the corner!

This, once again, highly depends on your country of residence. In most countries, you need to be over the age of eighteen to partake in any gambling activities. There are exceptions, though. For instance, Belgium requires its residents to be over the age of 21 and Greece over the age of 23. If you’re around 18 years of age, your best bet (no pun intended) is to check with your local authorities! You can never be too safe! Keep in mind, online gambling is a serious thing and is strictly prohibited to minors.

If you’re even remotely serious of becoming a professional real money esports betting online enthusiast, you’ll have to temper your bets, arm yourself with both patience and knowledge. Experience means a great deal in the world of online esports betting, so don’t expect massive wins right off the bat.

If you want to stay in the green at the end of each month, you’ll need to learn about the most common online esports betting mistakes and how to stop doing them, it might sound like silly advice, but we’re sure you’ll think otherwise after reading our guide.

Even though conventional TV channels aren’t exactly the number one choice when it comes to consuming esports content, in recent years, they’ve actually acquired a ton of media rights. Still, if you want the optimal experience, streaming platforms for gamers such as Twitch and Mixer are the obvious way to go.

Twitch is by far the best choice for watching esports matches. Pretty much all major esports events are available on Twitch, so you can’t really go wrong with it. After all, Amazon bought Twitch back in 2014.

Eastern countries have their own broadcasting/streaming platforms such as Garena TV, VK Live, Afreeca TV. These are typically used for broadcast on regional languages other than English, and for esports titles that aren’t popular in the western world. They’re known for showing off massive numbers, so they’re definitely worth mentioning here.

For starters, the easiest way to win more money is to stop wasting it on lousy bets. That goes not just for massive accumulators but chasing losses, betting on your favorite team, and similar nonsense bets. Every bet you make needs to be well planned out; otherwise, you’re just throwing money away.

Arm yourself with knowledge and crawl out of them stats! That’s the best advice we can give you really! Additionally, you should never switch esports back and forth, even if you’re on a huge losing spree betting on esports. Stick to the game you know the most about and plan out your very own betting strategy.

Manage your real money esports betting bankroll accordingly, and never bet with what you can’t afford! Failing to do so is among the biggest esports betting mistakes people tend to do, especially beginners who are shocked by the number of options they can choose from.

The truth is, every esports genre out there has a unique set of special bets. We can even go in a bit more specifically, with a title-to-title approach, but that might overcomplicate things.

When it comes to first-person shooters (FPS) like CS:GO, and Rainbow Six Siege, round-based and map-based totals are all the craze these days. In Rainbow Six Siege, bookies often have agent-specific specials too, whereas CS:GO bookies feature stuff like pistol round wins, aces, player vs. player kills and so on.

As for MOBA games like LoL and Dota 2, the special bets’ diversity is absolutely ridiculous. This is in part because of the sheer number of quantifiable in-game stats in MOBA games, and in part, because there's such a huge demand for betting on LoL and Dota 2 that bookies were practically forced to add unique specials to remain competitive.

If you want to learn more about this topic, feel free to skim through our esports special bets guide!

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about it as far as the most frequently asked questions about esports betting online are concerned. The variety is extraordinary, don’t you agree? We sincerely hope we answered everything there is to be answered. As time goes on and new esports betting practices emerge, we’ll make sure to update this page with the most recent information.

Until then, may your wagers be packed with green checkmarks!

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