Explaining Parlay Betting in Esports

There are many types of esports bets available out there. And we’re not just talking about different bet types here but also different ways you can bet on esports. It’s no longer just a straightforward business revolving around match-winner bets and nothing more.

Nowadays, esports bookmakers go the extra mile for esports matches, delivering great odds, various specials, and allowing people the convenience of esports parlays! We’ll go over the latter on this page.

A lot of esports bettors don’t know much about parlays. In sports betting waters, however, they are a common term since the demand is much higher. In Europe, everyone seems to be crazy for parlays.

Parlays are also referred to as “accumulators.” These bets give bettors the ability to place high-risk, high-reward wagers on multiple matches and events. If you like the sound of that, make sure you read this whole in-depth guide on esports parlays!

What Are Esports Parlay Bets?

Let’s start with the basics. What are esports parlays?

Esports parlays pair several bets into one larger bet. For instance, if you pair three bets in a parlay, it’s called a three-team parlay; if you pair five bets, it’s called a five-team parlay.

What do you get by pairing bets like that? Is it just for better organization and bet management?

No, it’s better than that! Parlay bets have much higher returns than you’d normally have with singles. There are two distinctive types of parlay odds out there. Let’s take a closer look.

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Conventional vs. True Odds Parlays

Parlays with true odds are based on 50/50 selections and are typically available on Las Vegas bookmakers. A two-team parlay gives +260, a three-team parlay gives +600, etc. You can read more about them in our parlay betting guide.

Conventional parlays, however, don’t have fixed odds on different parlay options. You can tie several bets together, and their odds will stack. Esports parlays are actually a great way of milking the bookies using your esports know-how and experience.

Are Esports Parlays Worth It?

The world of esports betting is an ever-expanding one. The demand is getting bigger and bigger, and bookies were always going to start offering more esports betting opportunities to meet it. Parlays came in one such way of expansion.

And now, they’re raising some tricky questions like, “Are esports parlays worth it?

Well, they can be. If you can keep your composure, remain patient, and wait for the perfect parlay opportunity, then yes, you could get a decent payout for your trouble. But if you keep placing half-cocked parlays thinking you’ll strike gold eventually, you’re going to be in for a rough wakeup call!

We’ll discuss this stuff in more detail later on. For now, let’s turn our attention to the math behind esports parlay bets.

Math Behind Esports Parlays

Now that you know what parlays in esports are, let’s look at how to calculate their odds. As stated earlier, esports parlays don’t use fixed odds.

Here’s a quick example:


  • Picks Odds
  • NaVi to win against Vitality +150
  • Astralis to win against Virtus.pro -200

At $100, you get a $375 payout, which makes for a $275 win once you take out the stake.

Yup, a $375 total return for this two-team esports parlay! If that parlay had been placed in the form of two separate singles, the total return would be $200. That’s $375 vs. $200 for the exact same matches. Which would you prefer?

It’s a massive difference. You might be thinking, “How is that even possible with parlays? Is there a nasty catch that we’re patiently waiting to deliver here? And what’s the difference between placing singles and parlays? If parlays pay so much more, why don’t all bettors use parlays?

Well, here’s the deal:

If you guess both matches in a parlay, you’re taking the pot. If you miss one, you’ve lost the entire bet no matter how many other entries you get right. For a parlay to win, all bet entries have to win.

Let’s go back to that two-team parlay example and finish off with the key points:

  • If you win both bets as singles, you get $200.
  • If you win both as parlays, you get $375.
  • If you lose one single, you still have the other one.
  • If you lose a wager in a parlay, you get nothing.

Obviously, the risk increases with the number of bets in a parlay. The more matches there are, the tougher it will be to nail everything down. On the bright side, the payouts for lengthy parlays are rather massive.

Are Esports Parlay Bets Worth Placing?

Esports betting sites are only going to keep expanding their coverage, that’s for sure! The number of prop bets ought to go up, which will further increase players’ abilities to make the most of the situation with parlays.

But even with numerous prop bets available, are esports parlays good for your betting budget? Are they worth the risk? Well, they’re pretty tricky in terms of consistency. There are certain scenarios in which you have to certain factors into consideration.

We’re mainly referring to free play opportunities and other esports promotions and/or bonuses. Hitting home on a few lengthy parlays will quickly get you to the required rollover amount. Just make sure you don’t hit a dry spell, and you should be all good!

Correlated parlays are worth mentioning too, even though esports bookies noticed the demand and are slowly putting an end to that trend.

Correlated parlays are when you place a two-team parlay in which the first bet correlates with the second. For instance, NaVi to win and S1mple to be the MVP. Some bookies might allow such combos; others won’t allow you to put them in a parlay with other wagers.

Pros and Cons of Esports Parlay Bets


  • Great for spicing things up
  • Offers massive returns
  • Can easily be exploited


  • High risk
  • Poor in long-term scenarios

Answering Your Questions About Parlay Betting in Esports

Have more questions? Be sure to contact us!

If we get a question enough times you’ll see that question show up here in our esports parlay FAQ section:

If there’s a push or a tie, the outcome of the parlay depends on the bet you’ve placed. In the case of a match-winner, if you’ve bet on a two-way match-winner, a push means the bet is pulled out of the parlay. If you’ve bet on a three-way match-winner, there’s no push. A draw is a draw, and you’ve lost your wager.

The process of calculating returns for esports matches can be found above. If you’re too lazy, just click here and we’ll take you to the top of the page.

Yes, parlays do pay more than single bets, but you have to be cautious of the extra risk. You need to guess all parlay entries correctly. If one of them loses, your parlay is toast.

If you’re in it for the long run, you’re better off without parlays. We’re not trying to scare you here. We’re being totally honest, just like we’ve been throughout this piece. Parlays are a great way of getting massive payouts every once in a while. But they aren’t good if you’re chasing consistency. So, keep that in mind, and don’t include them in your long-term betting plans!