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It’s time, fellas! I’m back with another round of CS_Summit 6 betting picks. The first round of Group B NA matches went as everyone expected.

Cloud9 defeated Gen.G (yet again) while 100T asserted their dominance over Chaos.

The Aussies were pretty serious about their work, handing out just nineteen rounds across two maps. Gen.G was a bit tougher, clinching twelve rounds on both Vertigo and Inferno.

100T vs. Cloud9 Predictions

There’s plenty of additional info regarding this matchup coming right up! But first, let’s say a couple of words about CS:GO betting for everyone’s who’s just starting out.

Is CS:GO Betting Difficult?

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If, on the other hand, you’re just a gamer looking to cash in on his passion, you might stumble upon a couple of hurdles along the way.

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Recent Results

Recent results paint a good picture for our 100T vs. Cloud9 predictions. Every good esports betting enthusiast needs to examine the most recent results and understand their complexity.

Many will tell you something along these lines – it’s not the result that matters, it’s how the game pans out… while that is true, to an extent, the overall result points out the team that managed to close the match out.

Sometimes, that’s all the difference the teams will bring into the next encounter.

As far as the last matches goes, both teams clinched easy wins. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t be in this winners round, come to think of it. Anyways, back to 100T vs. Cloud9 predictions – while both teams did find wins in their last match, they didn’t do so well before that.

100 Thieves win against Chaos came after five winless matches.

Four losses and a draw with Triumph, to be precise, and Cloud9 was one of those losses, coming after a fierce thirty-round battle on BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

Cloud9 has better numbers, three consecutive wins, but take them with a grain of salt because C9’s opponents were nowhere near the caliber of 100T’s opponents. Don’t get me wrong – C9 has a couple of scalps of their own. MIBR, EG, and Team Liquid all fell down relatively recently, meaning Cloud9 has the necessary top-tier experience to go up against 100 Thieves.

Map Pool Info

Statistically, Cloud9 is the superior side on most, if not all, active duty maps. The only somewhat questionable map is Mirage, but I guess it’s better to just ban it beforehand. We’re not talking about massive discrepancies here, though. The biggest one is Overpass, where 100T have 33% and Cloud9 thrilling 78% win rate across nine maps.

Individual Player Qualities

Moving on with our 100T vs. Cloud9 predictions, we can’t end it without saying a few words about the players. When it comes to individual player qualities, I have to side with Cloud9 here. Everyone knows I’m a big fan of the Aussie roster, long before they moved from Renegades to 100T. However, their qualities have shrunk down whereas the likes of oSee and Floppy keep improving with each passing event.

In the end, I’m convinced Cloud9 will take this one home and I got plenty of reasons to think that, too.

For starters, their last few head to head matches fall in their favor. They’re in slightly better form than the Aussies, and their map pool seems superior to that of Nadeshot’s chosen. We could add a slightly better roster too, but that’d be going too far.

Still, plenty of reasons to bet on Cloud9 here!

100T vs. Cloud9 Predictions
Cloud9 to Win!

As always, thank you for reading the whole piece. I hope it brought you up to speed and that you’re ready to drop bombs on them CS:GO bets.

And, as always, I hope to see you again soon!

Stay safe!

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