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100T Vs EG

Even though our group stage esports picks were absolutely phenomenal, our great run of form came to a sudden stop following the end of the first phase. But, there’s no point in looking back at our defeats – we have to analyze them, learn from them, and come back stronger… And that’s exactly what our 100T vs. EG predictions are here for!

What we’re looking at here is the lower bracket finals… it’s the penultimate matchup of the North American ESL Pro League Season 12 event.

The winner of this one advances to the grand finals where the mighty Brazilians, FURIA, awaits with a map to their name. Whoever wins this one, and let’s face it EG is the heavy favorite here, they’re in for an uphill struggle cometh the grand finals match.

But, let’s take things one step at a time and focus on 100T vs. EG predictions for now! More precisely, let’s check out the finest places for betting on the event before moving onto concrete information on both teams!

Where to Bet on ESL Pro League S12

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100T vs. EG Predictions

There’s everything to play for in this one! The grand finals are on the line, and they’re bringing forth not just the motivator of prestige but a ton of money too. $15,000 bonus prize pool money goes to the third-place team, whereas the sum goes from $24,000 for the second place and $60,000 for the title. Yep, there’s a lot to play for in this one!

As for our 100T vs. EG predictions, we have a lot of work on our hands. As you’d expect, we’ll go through the teams’ forms, their map pool stats, individual in-game prowess and see how they compare to each other.

We’re looking at two top-tier sides in the region, so it won’t be easy, that’s for sure! But then again, there’s nothing easy in the chaotic world of esports betting!


Results-wise, 100 Thieves don’t really have anything notable to show off in 2020 thus far. The best they managed to perform was on DreamHack Masters Spring where they finished in third place. CS_summit 6 NA saw them at the fourth place, with ESL One Cologne ending up as a group stage disappointment.

Even though their overall form seems on the rise, it’s still far from being a danger to the top-tier teams in the region, a bunch EG definitely belongs to.

I’m sure most of you are well-aware of the form Evil Geniuses are in!

Not only have they won three consecutive events, but they enjoyed a fourteen-matches winning streak. Make that 20 if we don’t count the two Brazilian teams who’ve defeated them (twice, each – MIBR and FURIA).

ESL Pro League S12 saw FURIA make the first dent in the group stage, and the second on in the upper bracket finals. The latter was a big mishap for Brehze and the boys as it put the Brazilians in the leading place to run away with the title. Despite that, EG’s form is impeccable and is not to be taken for granted. The Aussies will have a lot of work on their hands, just like we have with our 100T vs. EG predictions.

Map Pool Depth

There was always going to be one winner here, Evil Geniuses. Brehze and the company are just superb when it comes to their map pool… Except when they play against Brazilian teams. In that case, they’re all over the place.

Jokes aside, the Aussies’ map pool is good, but it doesn’t get even close to that of EG. I guess they could try and find their chance on Dust 2. They’ve played four times on it in the last three months and are yet to lose a map on the legendary competitive playground.

However, how likely is EG not to ban Dust 2? Typically, Overpass is their permaban, and knowing 100T’s prowess on Dust 2, I reckon EG will start the banning phase with Dust 2. In that case, the best 100T could hope for is inferno… Even if they do win on Inferno, though, I can’t see them winning another map here.

Wrapping Things Up

There’s just one more thing we need to talk about here before wrapping things up – players’ forms!

Obviously, EG has the upper hand here since they’ve been nothing but winning over the last three months or so.

Brehze and CeRq are back in business. They’re proving to be the essential duo in the region, helping their team win crucial rounds and maps, which typically results in fully-fledged titles. On the other hand, jks is doing all the hard work for the Aussies – everyone else falls to second place. The 24-year-old Australian CS star is a real savage, pun intended!

With all that in mind, which way are our 100T vs. EG predictions going?

Can 100 Thieves surprise in-form EG and steal the grand finals spot… or will EG reach the fourth consecutive grand finals and potentially win their fourth consecutive title too?

Here’s our pick for today:

100T vs. EG Betting Predictions
EG to Win!

Yes, I know, I know – -286 is not really the greatest value here. In fact, it’s pretty low, especially considering the complexity of the match. If you’d like something with a bit more oomph, then EG to win 2:0 is what you should opt for. It’s a great alternative, one that should go through considering the map pool depth of both teams.

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