100T vs. Envy Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

100T vs. Envy Picks | ESL One: Road to Rio NA Playoffs Betting Predictions

Let’s face it – our Gen.G vs. Cloud9 predictions were a full-on hit! It’s not the greatest value, I know, but a win is a win and we need to build on it here. Enter 100T vs. Envy predictions, the next matchup we’re going to focus on, hoping it will allow us to continue our run of form!

ESL One: Road to Rio NA event is coming to a close. With just a few remaining matches, the action is almost all done! There are still a few thrillers we’re looking forward too, one of them being the 5th place match between 100 Thieves and Team Envy.

But, before we cut to the chase and start analyzing both teams, let’s take sneaky peek at CS:GO specials because, who knows, perhaps they’ll come in handy for our 100T vs. Envy predictions!

Exploring The Depths of CS:GO Specials

CS:GO specials come in all shapes of sizes, but the vast majority is based on general online betting specials that are available across a multitude of additional esports. Let’s take a closer look at the bets I’m referring to here before we move onto our 100T vs. Envy predictions!

  • Map-Based Bets
    • Available for Bo3 and Bo5 contests, map-based usually come in the form of over/under totals with bookies specifying the base number.
  • Round-Based Bets
    • Available for all matches,. Bookies give you an average number of rounds they expect and you’re supposed to guess if the end count will be over or under the specified number.
  • Pistol Rounds
    • With these bets, bookies allow bettors to bet on teams they think will win both pistol rounds on a single map. These bets are more difficult than they might seem at first.
  • Player vs. Player Bets
    • The bookies give bettors two players and a stat, and the bettors are supposed to guess which of the two will have the highest stat count by the end of the match.

100T vs. Envy Predictions

The time has come, fellow esports betting enthusiasts, to finally focus on the task at hand! That would be the highly anticipated 100T vs. Envy predictions that will decide the outcome of this fifth-place matchup! Yes, you might think this math holds no real value seeing as it’s a fifth-place decide… but it actually does. Not only is there a slight increase in prize money for the fifth-placed team (the winner) but an extra 100 placement points that could make all the difference at the end of the cycle in regards to ESL One Rio Major qualification. So yeah, you can bet both these teams will play like their life depends on the outcome!

Recent Results

When it comes to recent results, 100T seems to be slightly superior to Envy. When looking at the last few months, 100T are in much better form and have played against much better teams than Envy. Surprisingly enough, these two teams are yet to play a head to head match. Well, there is one h2h match we could find, but it dates all the way back to November 15th 2018 when 100T weren’t even thinking of buying Renegades.

Could This End Quickly?

Finally, let’s talk about some concrete, research-driven 100T vs. Envy predictions! As you could’ve seen earlier, neither of the two teams can brag with a deep map pool. Instead, they’re sticking to the maps they’re good out without practicing others that much. They are currently working on the process of improving their gameplay on maps they already enjoy good percentages on, which is why this could prove to be a mismatch on paper.

That said, even though 100 Thieves got whooped by Team Liquid a few days ago, I think the Aussies will come back swinging and deal with Envy with a quick and effective 2-0 on the scoreboard. If that’s too risky for you, you can either go with a clean match-winner on 100 Thieves that goes around -250 or maps under 2.5 at -154. Go with the latter only if you believe the likes of moose and calyx can blast through the Aussies without breaking a sweat…

100T vs. Envy Predictions
100 Thieves 2-0

With those soothing 100T vs. Envy predictions, it’s time to wrap everything up and call it a day!

Needless to say, both teams will be hoping to make a statement tomorrow. We’re looking at two tough NA competitors, but it’s safe to say 100T looks like the superior side. On paper, the Aussies have a better roster and slightly better form. They did lose to Team Liquid in what was a pretty significant blowout, but it’s Team Liquid they played against, and we all know their reputation.

Now, they’re going up against Envy for the fifth place. Usually, this match wouldn’t matter. However, since we’re talking about a Road to Rio event here, every point counts, not to mention 100 points that make the difference between the fifth and sixth spot. More precisely, the losing side will go home with $4,000 and  1100 points while the winning side will go home with $5,000 and 1200 points.

That said, thank you all for sticking till the very end of our 100T vs. Envy predictions. Let’s hope we got this one right!

Until next time,

Stay safe!

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