100 Thieves vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | Intel Extreme Masters XV New York Grand Finals

100 Thieves vs. FURIA Betting Predictions | Intel Extreme Masters XV New York Grand Finals

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The grand finals match of the American Intel Extreme Masters XV New York starts in just a couple of hours. The biggest spectacle in the region is just about to sail into its final chapter, featuring a rerun of last month’s ESL Pro League S12 grand finals. The tenacious Aussies are up against the world-class Brazilians. 100T vs. FURIA picks are what we’re all about today, so let’s get down to business and finish our newest CSGO betting campaign with a proper bang!

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100T vs. FURIA Predictions

First things first, let’s talk about the above-mentioned ESL Pro League grand finals! 100T and FURIA played a pretty short match. The end result was 3:0 in favor of the Brazilians, but that extra map win was due to their upper bracket background. KSCERATO and the boys demolished the Aussies on Vertigo and Inferno, leaving only scraps for them to feed on. There was not that much competitiveness to write home about, seeing as the Brazilians controlled the tempo from start to finish.


Form-wise, FURIA has been absolutely phenomenal. ESL Pro League s12 is their latest title, although they have a few more notable 2020 trophies. They are coming into this match with winning spirits. Team morale should be at an all-time high, and I doubt there’s even the slightest of chances they lose against 100 Thieves here.

As for 100 Thieves, their form isn’t all that bad… After all, they’ve reached the grand finals of the second consecutive event, which means they’re doing stuff correctly. Still, I have to mention the fact 100T are leaving the CSGO scene following the heavy Europeanization of the scene. It is something to think about going forward, but I doubt it’s something that will drastically affect our 100T vs. FURIA picks here.

Map Pool Depth

The last time these two played against each other (ESL Pro League S12 grand finals), FURIA dismantled the Aussies on Vertigo and Inferno. Vertigo was always going their way, but the Aussies had hoped Inferno could be their ticket for extending the series. In fact, Dust 2 and Inferno are the only maps the Aussies had a chance to beat FURIA on. With Inferno now going FURIA’s way (despite recent losses), we’re going to see either 3:1 or 3:1 end score here. In favor of FURIA, mind you. I just can’t see 100 Thieves pick anything but Dust 2 early on… assuming it doesn’t get banned, of course.


FURIA has a better set of players, there’s no doubt about that. The Aussies are good – they work well as a team and teamwork was basically the “thing” they had built their legacy on. However, the Brazilians took their recipe and brought it to the next level, often being referred to as the best team in the world as far as cohesion and teamwork are concerned.

Still, we have to point HEN1, yuuurih and KSCERATO out as the best individuals in the current FURIA roster. They’re just amazing – when they’re having a good day, their aggression and dueling capabilities are second to none. They’re almost impossible to win when they’re on a roll… and FURIA will definitely need them at their best tomorrow.

On the other end, jks is probably the single most dangerous Aussie!

Jkaem’s prowess needs no further introduction, but jks is the player much of 100T’s performance relies upon. He’s been pretty consistent over the course of the last three months or so, but I still believe FURIA’s players are on a whole different level. I mean, their last head to head matchup kind of suggests that, doesn’t it!?

100T vs. FURIA Betting Predictions

A good old correct score wager is what I’m going with here! 3:1 is the most likely end score for this one, considering the qualities of both teams, as well as their recent map pool stats and depth. As mentioned earlier, Dust 2 is the only map 100 Thieves will be able to play against FURIA on. Well, Dust 2 and Inferno. However, the Aussies will only get a chance to play on one of the two maps… Since the overall match winner isn’t really in question, we’re left with the conclusion that FURIA ought to win this one 3:1.

Of course, some of you will consider this too risky. If you’re among that bunch, you can always opt for a clean FURIA match-winner which goes for around -400. It’s not going to bring you any riches as a single but could spice up your accumulators in a jiffy. Either way, fingers crossed our 100T vs. FURIA picks go through and we manage to close IEM XV NY betting off with a proper win!

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