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Are you ready, guys? Are you ready for our 100T vs. Gen.G predictions? Ready or not, this highly anticipated lower bracket semifinals contest is going to be a hectic one. Even though the real action kickstarts tomorrow in the upper bracket finals, both Gen.G and 100T are epic teams to watch.

They play entertaining, aggressive and at times chaotic CS:GO, which is somewhat difficult to predict at times… even more so because we’re talking about an online match here.

Be that as it is, the American CS_Summit 6 betting adventure is almost done and dusted, and we have just a few more chances to make a killing. Let’s do our best and destroy these 100T vs. Gen.G predictions!

100T vs. Gen.G Predictions

CS:GO betting was active even in the toughest, most drastic lockdown days. When all conventional sports were on hold, betting on esports was all the craze and people couldn’t get enough of it. However, online esports matches are a totally different ballgame when compared to LAN events. LAN events are offline, don’t rely on the internet connection which means response times are as fast as they get.

Online events always have a bit of lag here and there, and it can mean all the difference for teams/players that rely on their mechanical skills to win crucial rounds.

That said, bet on these matches at your own risk. They’re chaotic, can always go either way… but keep in mind that I’m still going to do my best to present you with the objective facts and stats that ought to help you make the right choice.

Most Common Esports Betting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Let’s step away from 100T vs. Gen.G predictions for a second, and focus on esports betting in general. There’s a lot of beginners in this hobby, and they will all tell you the same thing – it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you keep learning something from them.

If you make mistakes but keep making the same ones without learning a darn thing, then you’re not doing things correctly.

That said, here’s a closer look at three massive esports betting mistakes we see beginners do all the time:

Betting All the Time

Betting every day/all day won’t bring you riches. What it will bring you is a bunch of losses and potentially a massive debt you’ll have to work hard to get out of. Betting addiction is a real thing, and the easiest way it can catch you is if you bet every day. One week turns into a month, one month turns into a few… and before you know it, you placed at least one bet for more than a year straight. Time your bets, don’t jump on every betting opportunity that shows up. Learn how to skip bets every now and then; feel free to thank me later!

Betting Too Much

Can you bet too much? Well, of course you can. And we’re not talking about betting frequency here. We’re talking about betting stakes; needlessly massive stakes, to be more precise. Long story short, you should never bet with the money you can’t afford to lose or the money that doesn’t belong to you (AKA loans). Betting this way will only bring you problems, and I’m here to make sure you experience nothing but the best of what the esports betting niche has to offer!

Relying on Luck

Last but not least – don’t you ever rely on luck! Don’t you ever make half-baked bets- that’s as bad as betting too much all the time… the first two entries combined! Always, and I cannot stress this enough – always thoroughly research both teams, their head to head matches, recent results, roster changes, news, etc. That’s the only way you can rest assured you know what you’re dealing with.

With those words, I’m going to follow my own advice and start off with the most recent results of both 100 Thieves and Gen.G!

Recent Results

Gen.G’s recent matches have been pretty bad. They barely made it through the group stage after beating Chaos and C9 in the decider match. Prior to CS_Summit 6, they had a catastrophic outing on BALST Premier Spring Showdown and a pretty unimpressive DreamHack Masters Spring campaign too. They did superb on ESL One: Road to Rio when they lifted the trophy after beating FURIA in the grand finals, but it seems as though they’re far from their winning ways. Just two wins in the last seven matches – that tells you a lot about the way Gen.G have been playing in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, the same can be said about 100 Thieves, meaning recent results won’t give us anything concrete for our 100T vs. Gen.G predictions. The Aussies also have just two wins in the last seven matches, with one being a draw. It was against Triumph though, so we can count it as a loss, I guess (badum tss).

Even though both teams have a history of losses in the last month or so, don’t let that fool you!

We’re still talking about two tough teams that, on a good day, can go head to head with the best of the best. How will they play against each other, though? Well, that’s what we’ll find out in the remainder of our 100T vs. Gen.G predictions!

Map Pool Info

When talking about the map pool, I have to say 100T’s stats over the last three months are superior to those of Gen.G. Not by a lot, but they are better, and slightly skew our predictions in Aussies’ direction.

100t Vs GenG Map Stats

As you can see, the only map Gen.G could confidently beat 100T on is Mirage. Yes, they’re technically better on Nuke too… but 22% and 33% are equally bad, don’t you agree? As for 100T, they should have the upper hand on Dust 2, Train, and Vertigo. We could see Overpass get picked seeing as 100T has a pretty bad percentage even though it’s Gen.G’s permaban. We could see Inferno too, but that’s more of a decider map caliber in my books.

Individual Prowess

I think we can all agree the Aussies are the winners in both map pool depth and recent results (ever so slightly). But, the final portion of our 100T vs. Gen.G predictions revolves around individual player qualities. Is that an area where 100T will be, once again, stronger than Gen.G?

Well, I honestly think they’re on level terms here.

They have different strats, play two completely different styles of CS:GO, and have several players that don’t exactly fall into the usual margins for CS:GO pros. They’re weird, both of them, and in a good way… and I really don’t want to point someone out seeing as they’re on par, at least in my books.

Despite that, my money will still be on 100 Thieves.

Autimatic and the boys are a tough team to play against, but 100T was close to defeat Liquid and looked superb in the group stage. All in all, they’re the team I’m siding with here!

100T vs. Gen.G Predictions
100T to Win!

At -200, perhaps a clean match-winner might not be the ideal solution for most folks. If that’s the case with you; if you can’t be bothered with such a small return, you can always place it in a lengthier accumulator or go for a riskier correct score bet. Just don’t blame me if it doesn’t go through…

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