Team Liquid vs. Dignitas QNTMPAY Predictions for January 15 | 2022 LCS Lock-In

The 2022 LCS Lock-In is about to begin and while it’s not going to be as hype a tournament as we had hoped, it’ll still be worth our undivided time and attention! Team Liquid facing off against Dignitas QNTMPAY will by no means bring the house down, but it’ll nonetheless give us our very first look at TL’s spectacular line-up, and that, in short, is more than enough reason to tune in!

We’re talking about the most stacked roster in LCS history, with some of the very best players the West has ever produced. What more could you ask for? They’re undoubtedly one of the biggest front-runners to win the LCS and should, by all means, be able to leave a mark once all is said and done. It goes without saying, but we’re all hyped beyond measure and cannot wait to see them play!

Their first opponent, however, is a pretty darn underwhelming one: Dignitas QNTMPAY. We’re talking about a team that has all the hallmarks of a bottom-dweller; they’re not necessarily abysmal, but they do pale in comparison to nearly all of their LCS peers.

To make matters even worse, their recently signed jungler (and PCS champion) Kim “River” Dong-woo still hasn’t landed in North America. Now, River wasn’t going to turn DIG into a championship-worthy contender, but he was going to be their biggest playmaker.

Please Note:
Not having him around will severely hinder their (already dreadful) chances of leaving a mark.

All in all, if you’re a Dignitas fan, now would be a good time to avert your gaze.

A Thorough Mismatch

Team Liquid should have no issue in taking Dignitas down — despite the fact that they, too, will be unable to field their intended starting line-up. They’ll have to play with either Steven “Hans Sama” Liv or Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in.

Once Core’s green card is approved that’ll obviously change, but it’s still uncertain as to when that might happen.

They are nonetheless stacked with some of the best players the West has ever seen, so it’s not like they’re going to struggle much against Dignitas QNTMPAY. It might not be as big of a blowout as most folks expect, but they’ll definitely get the job done — of that you can be certain.

The Pick
Team Liquid
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