2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | C9 vs. 100 Thieves Predictions & Match Analysis

C9 vs. 100 Thieves is an absolute spectacle! That is, without a doubt, the most appropriate way for us to describe it. As far as predictions go, most folks will surely lean in favor of the boys in black and blue, but don’t believe all the hype: this’ll be an incredibly close affair, contrary to what the odds might suggest.

We, too, think that Cloud9 will come out on top, but by no means are they guaranteed to win here. 100 Thieves have stepped up a ton over the last few weeks and are more than capable of trading blows with Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami and his staggeringly talented teammates.

Their wins might not be as flashy or commanding, but it’s nonetheless hard not to be impressed with what they’ve shown: they’ve started to peak at the very best possible moment and are poised to go deep in the forthcoming playoffs. With that being said, Cloud9 do have a bit more momentum behind their backs, and if we ignore their upset loss to TSM for a moment, they’ve been pretty darn unassailable.

If you’re looking for a “safe bet,” for a clash that’s easy to predict and an outcome that’s all but guaranteed, then it’d perhaps be wisest for you to look elsewhere. There’s really no other way to say it. Cloud9 are atop the LCS for a reason, but they still haven’t faced a synced-up 100 Thieves.

Predicting the outcome of this particular game, therefore, is nigh impossible, and that’s definitely something you should keep in mind if you’re looking to put your hard-earned money on the line.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | C9 vs. 100 Thieves Predictions — Reasons to Watch

This is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most exciting match-ups in the entirety of the LCS. You have to tune in. It’s really that simple! Cloud9 might be better, but they, too, are fallible, and have lost a fair bit of steam after dropping the ball against TSM — a loss both unexpected and inexplicable.

100 Thieves, on the other hand, have quite a big chip on their shoulder. No one’s giving them much of a shot against the C9s and TLs of the world, and they surely take issue with that. How could they not — they’re the defending champions, after all!

And yet no one’s really talking about them or giving them their due, despite the fact that they have a banner hanging in the LCS Studio — a feat shared with just a handful of other teams and organizations. They’re on a five-game win streak, too, and yet that isn’t being talked about much either.

In any case, they’re not to be trifled with whatsoever and could, by all means, pull off an upset if Cloud9 don’t end up bringing their “A game.” That’s the most interesting thing about this particular clash: it could really go either way.

With all of that being said, we simply cannot bet against C9 at this point, even though we don’t necessarily think they’re that much better than 100 Thieves — if they’re even better at all.

In any case, a skirmish-heavy spectacle is all but guaranteed, so definitely make sure to tune in!

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | C9 vs. 100 Thieves Predictions:
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