2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | CLG vs. C9 Predictions & Match Analysis

CLG vs. C9 is at once both an endlessly interesting match-up and a foregone conclusion. It seems that those two opposing “traits” aren’t mutually exclusive. And, well, a skirmish-heavy bloodbath is all but guaranteed! As far as predictions go, everyone with a sound mind will side with Cloud9, but if Counter Logic Gaming come out the gates swinging, they could very well make this a lot more competitive than the odds would suggest.

The reason why is quite simple: they’re the kind of team that plays to the level of their opponents. They’re not better than Cloud9, of course, but if history is any indication, they will put up a fight, and it’ll be far more competitive than one would expect.

That’s why you really ought to tune in! Well, that and the fact that Cloud9 are currently the best and most exciting team in North America, which makes their games an absolute must watch.

Just look at the ease with which they disposed of one of the best and most stacked line-ups in the history of North America:

They made it look far too easy. And it was Park “Summit” Woo-tae, in particular, who really blew us away with his Tryndamere masterclass. He’s not a Jayce or Gnar one-trick, as some have proclaimed him, nor is he just a lane dominant behemoth (à la Barney “Alphari” Morris), but rather a complete kind of player with a series of awe-inspiring strengths and just a few meager weaknesses which none of his peers have yet able to exploit and punish.

We’ve said many a time and we’ll say it again: this Cloud9 line-up is astonishingly talented, and if they keep playing this darn well they’ll be writing history in no time!

With Team Liquid out of the way, we really can proclaim them as the absolute best team in North America. They simply have no equal. Maybe that’ll change once Best of 5s come around, but we doubt it — Cloud9 is on a whole ‘nother level.

CLG — An Unexpected Surge

Most LCS gatekeepers tend to regress as the season progresses. They eventually stumble upon a series of challenges and obstacles which they simply don’t know how to tackle and fix. They lack the tools and weapons to do so.

Counter Logic Gaming, however, seems to be an exception to that “rule.”

They’ve been quite impressive over the last few weeks, and their surge of sorts is made all the more impressive once you factor in just how dreadful they were at the very start of the split. Now, their record still isn’t anything to write home about, but their back-to-back wins over the Golden Guardians and FlyQuest certainly are.

Unfortunately, the odds of them making playoffs are quite slim (if not non-existent), but they could still wreak havoc and go out in a blaze of glory. As far as consolation prizes go, that’s really not that bad.

Unless they can find a way to upset Team Liquid and/or Evil Geniuses, they simply won’t have enough wins to challenge for a spot in the Top 6. But even though they’re facing the grimmest of odds, you can still be certain that they’ll come out the gates swinging, motivated as ever to pull off an upset and prove their (many) doubters wrong.

They won’t succeed, we feel, but they sure will try.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | CLG vs. C9 Predictions — Reasons to Watch

As already mentioned, CLG always step up and overperform whenever they are faced with a gargantuan challenge. And, well, it doesn’t get any more gargantuan than Cloud9! They also have a bit of history, too: their most recent LCS Lock-In Best of 3 left no one indifferent, and it’s fair to say that CLG were just a few good decisions away from pulling off an upset.

Things obviously didn’t go their way, but it was still an impressive moment, one that has remained etched in our memory. It was an indication, perhaps, that they, too, can rise to the occasion and trade blows with the who’s who — whenever the circumstances align, at least.

They’re not as good as they were back in LCS Lock-In, but they’re obviously still quite capable and can, by all means, win when you least expect them to.

We all made fun of their shoddy performances, and the fact that they were able to correct course and get a few impressive wins on the board — in spite of everyone doubting them — is worthy of the highest praise and commendation.

Still, they’ll have their hands full with Cloud9, the best team in the LCS and also a bona fide giant who isn’t even close to reaching its peak.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | CLG vs. C9 Predictions — Potential Risks

There really aren’t any, given just how dominant Cloud9 have been. They’re not perfect, mind you, but they’re not far off either. And, well, there isn’t a team in North America that can exploit their few flaws and weaknesses.

Counter Logic Gaming are quite good (especially as of late), but they’re just not good enough to truly stand a chance against C9. Still, they’ll make it fun and competitive, so make sure to tune in!

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