2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | DIG vs. 100 Thieves Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for DIG vs. 100 Thieves will be unanimous and, well, it’d be wholly redundant of us to explain why. The gap between them is immense and they all know it, too. Still, the interesting thing here is that Dignitas actually came out ahead every single time they fought against the defending LCS champions.

That’s not only surprising but also somewhat crazy, right? One cannot help but wonder — in light of such information — whether it was just a bit of “luck” on the side of Dignitas, or if they really do have 100 Thieves’ number. The former seems more likely, but it’s still a question worth pondering.

Speaking of 100 Thieves, they’ve finally stepped up and are currently playing some truly impressive League of Legends. They sure did take a while to ramp up, but better late than never. We’re still not quite sure whether they’re as good as Cloud9 and Team Liquid, but they are better, more layered, and more capable than everyone else.

Of that you can be certain.

They’re also in sole possession of third place and have locked in their spot in the playoffs, so now they can finally breathe a sigh of relief and start focusing on the most exciting part of the split: those oh-so-intense Best of 5s.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | DIG vs. 100 Thieves Predictions — Reasons to Watch

These two have a bit of history. We’re talking about a match-up that has favored Dignitas each and every single time. That alone is a big enough reason to tune in and observe the spectacle!

If it had happened once or twice, we wouldn’t really think much about it, but the boys in black and yellow actually hold three wins over the defending champions. That’s both mighty impressive and thoroughly baffling.

So, naturally, it’s safe to assume that 100 Thieves want to get a bit of revenge. Losing here wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world but it would hurt their stock quite a bit and it would also leave a dent in their (already quite frail) confidence.

It’s not an important match per se, but its outcome will leave some kind of a mark, so we expect both teams to come out the gates swinging. 100 Thieves, however, are a cut above, and we’re confident they’ll prove it, too.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | DIG vs. 100 Thieves Predictions:
100 Thieves!
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