2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | EG vs. DIG Predictions & Match Analysis

EG vs. DIG is quite an interesting match-up and it’s actually a lot more important than one would expect; as far as predictions go, Evil Geniuses are heavily favored, but by no means are they guaranteed to win.

Dignitas QNTMPAY are not a top-tier behemoth who’s going to leave any kind of a mark once all is said and done. They are, however, a surprisingly capable and feisty bunch that can, at times, tango with the LCS pantheon. And while that last sentence might not sound like a compliment, it actually very much is.

No one thought they’d be as capable as they are, and the sheer fact that they’re currently tied in fourth place with seven wins and six losses is worthy of the highest praise. They’re also fun to watch, too, as they always put up a fight regardless if they win or not. They’re the quintessential gatekeeper, but they’re also a fair bit more dangerous than one would expect. Not by much, mind you, but still: they’re not to be trifled with as they can definitely put on a show and trade blows with whomever is put in front of them.

Evil Geniuses — Not There Yet

The interesting thing here is that they’re actually ranked above Evil Geniuses, a team most folks thought would be a shoo-in for Top 3 coming into the split. Their LCS Lock-In run was absolutely mind-blowing, but for some odd reason they haven’t been able to return to that level. And, well, we simply don’t understand why.

Generally speaking, we’re quite big fans of this EG bunch, but there are just five games left to be played and they don’t have a .500 record. That is, at once, both baffling and pretty darn worrying. They’re just one win above Counter Logic Gaming and the Golden Guardians, and they could, by all means, end up missing the playoffs.

It sounds crazy, we know, but so does their ranking and the fact that they can barely keep up with a good chunk of their peers. They’re better than the vast majority of them, but that means nothing if they cannot execute on the LCS stage and get the most important wins on the board.

And, well, they’ve yet to do so consistently.

We’re getting a bit worried as there’s not a whole lot of time left. They’ll probably make playoffs but that’s about it. Anything more than a fourth- or fifth-place finish seems rather improbable. They do hold wins over Dignitas and FlyQuest (two teams that are currently ranked above them), but if they don’t stick the landing their few wins won’t really matter much (if at all).

They’re still an exceptional team with an equally exceptional skill ceiling, but they still have to shore up numerous deficiencies if they really want to stand a chance against the LCS crème de la crème.

2022 LCS Betting | EG vs. DIG Predictions — Reasons to Watch

There’s a ton on the line here for both teams, but it’s fair to say that EG will be playing with a lot more pressure given their current position in the standings.

They cannot afford to drop the ball here. If that were to happen, they would drop to 6W-8L and their odds of reaching the playoffs would plummet even further. And, well, they’re not in that good of a position to begin with. They’re barely holding on to sixth place and that, in short, is quite a debacle for a team as stacked as this one.

Multiple former champions, an LEC MVP in the jungle, and two of the most promising young players that the NA has fostered in years. That should be a recipe for success, but things still haven’t “clicked” for whatever reason.

Dignitas aren’t exactly the most threatening team around but they’re not to be trifled with either. Some of their players have been wrecking house on a fairly consistent basis but are yet to be given their due.

It’s not a coincidence that they’re currently in fourth place. Now, do we think they’ll retain such an enviable position? Not by a long shot, but they do deserve a bit of credit for the way they’ve performed.

They, too, want to win here, and they want it badly. Dignitas have Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves all lined up for week eight. That’s tantamount to a nightmare and is the hardest possible string of opponents a team could have. And, well, Dignitas are bound to lose to all three of those aforementioned giants. They might take another win off of 100 Thieves, but even that feels like an overly optimistic stretch.

Beating Evil Geniuses, therefore, is much more important than it might seem — they’re the most flawed and inconsistent of all top-tier LCS teams. Dignitas cannot afford to drop too many games now that things have gotten down to the wire.

A win over EG would do wonders for them, but we just don’t see it happening — there’s simply too big of a gap between them in terms of talent and experience. That doesn’t necessarily mean things will pan out as we expect them to (these are still Best of 1s we’re talking about), but we’re nonetheless certain that EG will step up and deliver now when it matters most.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | EG vs. DIG Predictions:
Evil Geniuses!
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