2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | Evil Geniuses vs. CLG Predictions & Match Analysis

This particular game might not be overly important to us, but to the boys in black and yellow it is very much a paramount clash; the outcome of Evil Geniuses vs. CLG could (and most probably will) leave an indelible mark on the Spring Split playoff picture! Predictions for it will surely be unanimous, but given the way things have developed lately, it’s fair to say that there are no guarantees going forward — no matter what the odds might say.

It would also be fair to say that we’re all mighty disappointed in Evil Geniuses and their rather middling offensive against the Golden Guardians. There is no excuse for drafting in the way they did, nor can their previous fumbles and failures be justified. They’re better than they’ve shown, but unless they can get on the same page and actually think and execute as a five-man unit, they won’t stand even the slightest chance against the LCS crème de la crème — an echelon they, too, were once a part of.

They’re overeager and, frankly, a bit too confident for our liking. They have neither the mechanics nor the synergy to pull things off — they’ve been getting ego checked on a fairly frequent basis. And you’d think that, at some point, one of them would take the reins and call for the entire team to revert back to basics (i.e. a “safer” style of play devoid of any flashiness and bravado), but that has yet to happen.

What’s the crux of the issue still remains to be determined, but one thing’s for certain: having an 8W-9L record at this point of the season is not only a disappointment but also a debacle. Had you told someone at the start of the split that they’d be on the brink of missing out on the playoffs, you would’ve been laughed at and ridiculed.

We still think they’ll make the cut. In fact, we’re certain of it. But unless they can pull off some kind of a miracle, they won’t be able to “survive” the first round of the playoffs. There’s really no other way to say it. They’re just not good enough to compete.

Their highs have been absolutely incredible, but their highs are seldom seen. And their drafts? Abysmal in every sense of the word.

2022 LCS Betting | Evil Geniuses vs. CLG Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Both teams love to skirmish and are fairly proficient at it as well. CLG have been knocked out of playoff contention by TSM and are surely motivated beyond measure to play spoiler. And, well, they have a fairly good shot, too.

They’re not better than EG in any which way but that doesn’t really matter all that much at this rather volatile point of the split. Their opponents will be under an immense amount of pressure and, frankly, we’re not quite certain if they’ll be able to handle it.

Now it’s all about execution in the heat of the moment and the ability to thrive amidst the most challenging and stressful of circumstances. The reason why we’re going to side with EG on this one is because of their veteran trio: Jeong “Impact” Eon-yeong, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma, and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme should be a consistent enough “core” for Evil Geniuses to weather the storm and emerge victorious.

Will our faith be rewarded? That’s the million dollar question and, frankly, we have our doubts.

2022 LCS Betting | Evil Geniuses vs. CLG Predictions — Potential Risks

There are never any guarantees in a region as chaotic and unpredictable as the LCS. And that is most pronounced and obvious at the very tail end of the split. So, frankly, what’ll happen and who’ll win over whom still remains to be seen.

Be that as it may, we can’t bet against Evil Geniuses, no matter how frustrated we might be with their preparation and performance. They’re better than CLG and they know it, too. Betting on them to fail is never a sound strategy, although, admittedly, it could yield some truly impressive winnings.

So, Evil Geniuses it is.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | Evil Geniuses vs. CLG Predictions:
Evil Geniuses!
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