2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | GGS vs. DIG Predictions & Match Analysis

GGS vs. DIG is at once both thoroughly uninteresting and fairly important. It’s not the worst match-up one can imagine, but it lacks that extra bit of something that would really make us want to tune in and watch.

Still, these two teams are by no means unworthy of our time and attention — they just pale in comparison to the Cloud9s and Team Liquids of the world. This particular game is actually quite important and could, by all means, leave an indelible mark on the LCS playoff picture.

Dignitas are currently ranked fourth and have done way better than anyone thought they would. Their seven wins and six losses speak volumes, and the things they say are mostly positive. That being said, they’ve yet to secure their spot in the playoffs. And, well, depending on how things shake out, there’s still a number of scenarios in which they don’t end up making the cut.

They have Evil Geniuses, Golden Guardians, Cloud9, Team Liquid, and 100 Thieves lined up one after another. Four of those five teams are the most talented and capable contenders the LCS has to offer. And, well, Dignitas simply aren’t on their level.

If they don’t pull off an upset or two, they’re simply not going to have enough wins to their name to make Top 6. So, in a way, their current record — respectable though it is — doesn’t really matter much because of their incredibly difficult strength of schedule. They’re stuck between a rock and hard place and, frankly, we just don’t see them succeeding.

The odds are stacked against them and it feels like they’ve come to the end of the road. They’ll still trade blows, mind you, but we’re not as confident about their chances as we were just a few weeks back.

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The LCS has thus far been the home of some truly astounding twists and upsets, so we’re definitely not going to count Dignitas out just yet.

For them to make playoffs, beating GGS will be an absolute must — a “make or break” kind of moment.

And, well, much of the same holds true for the boys in black and orange, too.

GGS — Way Too Flawed

Everything we said can be applied to GGS as well. They have about as much potential as Dignitas, but for some odd reason they haven’t been nearly as consistent. Their highs are higher, but their lows are also far more crushing as well. They have more experience and fewer holes in their game, but the few holes which they do have have proven to be wholly detrimental and are the main reason why they’ve only managed to get a meager five wins on the board.

Take the game we’ve linked above for instance.

They had a 10.5 thousand gold lead right before the thirty-minute mark and yet they still somehow found a way to drop the ball and lose. And it’s not just that 100 Thieves scaled and eventually turned the tides but also the fact that GGS gave them far too many openings. They weren’t decisive enough with their gargantuan advantage, and it wasn’t the first time, either.

They have a truly phenomenal early game and have wrecked house more often than not, but it’s the mid and late game decision-making that has proven to be an insurmountable challenge — one that may have cost them a spot in the playoffs.

Right now, they’re tied in seventh place with Counter Logic Gaming, but have also lost a whopping four games in a row. And the fact that they looked good in most of those losses changes very little. What does it matter, after all, if they weren’t good enough to get away with the win?

To make matters even worse, their last loss came at the hands of Counter Logic Gaming, a team they’re directly competing for a spot in the playoffs. And, well, their immediate road ahead isn’t going to get any easier, either: they have FlyQuest, Dignitas, Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Immortals all lined up.

That’s not necessarily the toughest schedule we can imagine, but it’s not far off either. GGS could, at best, win two or even three of those games, but even in that scenario it wouldn’t make a big enough difference.

GGS will need to pull off the seemingly impossible in order to make the cut and, frankly, we just don’t see it happening. They sure will try, though. We still believe in their long-term potential, but right now, as things stand, anything higher than a seventh-place finish seems rather unlikely.

2022 LCS Betting | GGS vs. DIG Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Even though they’re both gatekeepers at heart, both GGS and Dignitas can definitely pack a punch and entertain the masses. And they’re not even bad or unskilled — they’re just not skilled enough to compete with the likes of Team Liquid, Cloud9, and the rest of the LCS pantheon.

They’re solid mid-tier contenders in a region that is as top-heavy as it gets. And, well, they’ve done admirably well given the circumstances and the fact that no one thought they’d accomplish anything of note.

There’s a ton on the line here. By “a lot” we don’t necessarily mean a playoffs ticket, but it’s not far off either. Dignitas will have to win here in order to stand even the slightest chance of making the cut. GGS, on the other hand, are at too big of a disadvantage standings-wise. They still have the slimmest of odds, but we wouldn’t hold our breath for it to happen.

Both teams have a shot at emerging victorious, but we’ll still give Dignitas the edge — they’ve been ever so slightly more consistent and have risen through the ranks for a reason. That said, it’ll be a hotly contested affair, one that’ll be determined by the smallest of margins.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | GGS vs. DIG Predictions:
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