2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | IMT vs. TSM Predictions & Match Analysis

IMT vs. TSM is about as uninteresting a match-up as we can imagine. And, well, that sort of holds true for any clash that involves the boys in black and white. Things… aren’t good. There’s nothing for us to praise or commend, and that’ll probably remain the case for the foreseeable future.

We, for one, are not happy with the way things unraveled. Say what you want about Andy “Reginald” Dinh and his (rather questionable) methods, but an LCS with a “game” TSM is an LCS that is fun to watch. Them being good is by no means a prerequisite, but it does generate a ton of interest, along with a slew of mouth-watering narratives.

There’s also a world of difference between being shaky or volatile and just straight-up dreadful. TSM fall exclusively under the latter category. They’ve done next to nothing over the last six weeks and with just five games left to be played, even the biggest optimists among us have started to “jump ship.”

They have nothing left to hope or fight for, and you can see it in their play as well. This whole split has been too big of a burden and, well, we wouldn’t trade anything to be in their skin. Not only have they been smacked around for many a week in a row, but they’re also playing for one of the most revered and successful organizations in LCS history — that alone is enough to break even the most resilient of players.

Calling it a “fall from grace” wouldn’t even begin to cut it.

Immortals — Better… But Not By Much

Much of the same can be said for Immortals as well. They haven’t been nearly as abysmal or out of sync, but therein lies the biggest issue: we’ve seen their highs and we know what they’re capable of.

They’re head and shoulders above TSM and yet you wouldn’t be able to tell based on their current position in the standings. These are all veterans and former champions, players who have the tools to tango with the LCS pantheon, and yet they’ve seldom done so, for a slew of reasons that still elude us.

They’ve put up an admirable fight almost each and every single time, but that doesn’t really matter much given their current disposition. Of what use is their inherent talent if it is so rarely on display? Of what use is their staggering experience if it doesn’t result in them winning?

We’re incredibly disappointed with Immortals and, well, we’re not the only ones. They’ll surely fix their most egregious flaws in time for the Summer Split, but that’s still a ways off so there’s really no use in talking about it.

Right now, as things stand, they’re a bottom-dweller that can, at times, punch above its weight-class. Nothing more, nothing less.

2022 LCS Betting | IMT vs. TSM Predictions — Reasons to Watch

The current meta is not only (relatively) flexible but also pretty darn exciting. So, even a team like TSM, for instance, can entertain the masses, despite being astonishingly flawed and out of sync. Immortals, too, can put on a show when you least expect them to. Their record is quite underwhelming, but many of their losses could have easily been avoided, so they’re definitely not as bad as their win-loss tally would suggest.

There’s nothing really on the line here other than a bit of redemption. TSM can no longer make the playoffs, and while Immortals do have a small chance of making the cut, the odds of it happening are so slim we might as well consider them non-existent. There’s really no other way to say it.

Be that as it may, we know for a fact that they’ll step foot on stage and try their absolute hardest — if only to save face and end the split on as “high a note” as possible.

2022 LCS Betting | IMT vs. TSM Predictions — Potential Risks

We’re talking about two incredibly flawed teams here, both of which have thus far imploded on many different occasions. They’re inconsistent, volatile, their decision-making is egregious and their individual play is also mighty lacking. It is, therefore, impossible to really make any kind of predictions with confidence.

Immortals are better, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get away with the win. They’ve lost five games in a row — and will have probably lost six by the time they step foot on stage to face TSM — which means they’ve only been a smidge more successful than the boys in black and white.

With that being said, we fully believe that their immense experience will come in clutch. If they play their cards right, they will emerge victorious, but by no means will it be a dominant showing.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | IMT vs. TSM Predictions:
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