2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | Team Liquid vs. GGS Predictions & Match Analysis

Team Liquid vs. GGS is quite a peculiar match-up — one that could, potentially, end up being a lot more competitive than the odds would suggest; predictions will, naturally, lean towards the former, but the boys in black and gold should not be underestimated whatsoever.

Heck, they’ve already beaten TL the first time they faced off on the Rift, so who’s to say they can’t do it this time around as well? It’s incredibly unlikely, we know, but it’s obviously not impossible. The GGS bunch is incredibly capable and, perhaps most importantly, incredibly motivated. They know that a playoff spot is on the line (and within reach) and will stop at nothing to claim it.

And even though they dropped the ball big time back in week six, they were able to not only correct course but put on a show just a week later — against two very dangerous opponents in FlyQuest and Dignitas QNTMPAY, no less.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, have been somewhat… middling, at least by their own standards. They’ve actually gone 2W-2L in their last four games which, frankly, is not that praiseworthy. We expected more from them and, well, with good reason.

They’ve obviously been trying something new and different, but it hasn’t yielded anything of note, and it’s fair to say that they don’t have nearly as much momentum as Cloud9 (even though they, too, have dropped the ball lately).

Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau, in particular, has been… problematic, shall we say. He was always a “coin flip” kind of player and the other shoe finally dropped — after weeks of stellar performances, granted. His games on Jax and Lucian have been downright dreadful. There’s really no other way to put it.

He played as if he had a ten thousand hold lead behind his belt — a mindset that eventually put his entire team at too big of a deficit. He made numerous egregious mistakes, some of which were so darn baffling you’d think he was an absolute rookie (and a severely flawed and incapable one at that).

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg has also been somewhat unimpactful. He’s playing more of an ancillary role, a supportive one, if you will, which isn’t necessarily an issue given the way TL want to play things out.

It becomes an issue when Bwipo has his “off” days.

And, well, he’s had a surprising number of them lately, which certainly doesn’t bode well for TL’s chances going forward. He was their biggest and most unpredictable catalyst, the one player who’d truly pop off and carry the game in a wholly unexpected way. His creativity is impossible to prepare for and TL sure did harness it beautifully.

But recency bias is a very real thing, and it’s impossible for us not to wonder: will his volatility affect TL’s chances of leaving a mark? Losing to Cloud9 isn’t necessarily the most worrying thing in the world (far from it, in fact), but dropping a game to FlyQuest as well? That’s potentially quite problematic, to say the least. And it could, in theory, spiral into something much, much worse.

They’re a very strong team, this TL, but they, too, thrive off of momentum and hype, much like everyone else. The fact that they’re making so many mistakes mere days before the playoffs certainly isn’t a good look.

GGS, on the other hand, are still an enigma and, frankly, we’re not too happy for that being the case.

We can never be too sure if they’ll come out the gates swinging or simply just implode along the way. We’ve seen both scenarios play out far too many times over the last few weeks to have any semblance of confidence when it comes to predicting what’ll happen once they step foot on stage to compete.

2022 LCS Betting | Team Liquid vs. GGS Predictions — Reasons to Watch

This’ll be a barnburner, there’s no doubt about it. Both teams will surely tryhard, albeit for entirely different reasons. Team Liquid want to find a bit of redemption and to generate as much momentum as they possibly can in time for the playoffs — which are right around the corner.

GGS, on the other hand, still need a couple of wins in order to make the cut, which means that every time they spawn on the Rift there’s something to fight for — it’s “do or die.” The only question now is: will they be able to make it? Well, we’re not quite sure, but they certainly do have a shot.

Their last two games have been exceedingly impressive, but there’s still a lot of work ahead of them. They don’t need to win against Team Liquid, but it sure would simplify things quite a bit. Evil Geniuses and Immortals await on Saturday and Sunday, and while there’s still a myriad of ways in which things could go awry, we’re confident that GGS will be able to “seal the deal.”

2022 LCS Betting | Team Liquid vs. GGS Predictions — Potential Risks

We’re always wary when we have to bet on GGS. There’s really no other way to say it. There’s simply no way for us to predict what’ll happen and whether or not they’ll get on the same page in time and execute.

They’re not volatile per se — they’re simply trying to figure out how they want to play the game and through which means they want to win (or at least attempt to). Nothing more, nothing less. Their mistakes and fumbles are a very natural by-product of such a process.

But even though they’re incredibly capable (and far more dangerous than they look), it’d be crazy of us not to go with Team Liquid on this one — come what may.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | Team Liquid vs. GGS Predictions:
Team Liquid!
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