2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TL vs. CLG Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for TL vs. CLG will be unanimous — of that much we’re certain. Still, if CLG’s recent level of play is any indication, this one might end up being a lot more competitive than the odds would suggest. Now, we know that last sentence sounds crazy and outlandish, but the boys in black and blue have definitely managed to pique our interest and make the region take notice.

Their 5W-8L record is by no means awe-inspiring, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t say that they’re on the up-and-up and have shown immense progress over the last two weeks. In fact, we’re sort of amazed by just how well they’ve managed to bounce back after getting smacked around by nearly all of their peers.

The outlook wasn’t bright (to put it mildly) and yet they still somehow managed to correct course and make waves. That, in short, is worthy of the highest praise. They’re tied in second place with the Golden Guardians, but have been a fair bit more impressive lately — to absolutely everyone’s surprise.

CLG, as a brand, is no longer synonymous with winning, but rather with mediocrity and wholly dreadful League of Legends. That isn’t going to change any time soon, but this particular line-up has definitely made a few steps in the right direction.

Their back-to-back wins over FlyQuest and the Golden Guardians speak volumes. They’ve just beaten their direct competitors and could, by all means, end up making playoffs — strange, we know, but it’s actually not as improbable as it was just a few days ago.

They’re just one win below Evil Geniuses, and that fact alone is enough for one’s mind to be blown.

And they’re not winning through any “cheese” either — they’re really as good as they look; they’ve once again reached their LCS Lock-In form and the results speak for themselves. Now, they’re still not going to leave much of a mark, but we nonetheless have to commend these bursts of excellence — they’re not easy to pull off, especially not from as disadvantageous a position as they were in.

They have Team Liquid, Cloud9, Immortals, TSM FTX, and Evil Geniuses lined up next and they could, potentially, end the regular portion of the split with a very respectable 8W-10L record (at best). That might be enough for them to make playoffs, but that’ll also depend on a myriad of other factors as well, most of which aren’t really in their control.

Still, the mere fact that they could make Top 6 is a big enough reason for them to celebrate. Evil Geniuses, for instance, have a noticeably harder strength of schedule, so their position is by no means as “safe” as we initially believed — and they know it, too.

The margin for error is shrinking by the minute, and if CLG can find a way to maintain their current level of play, they might actually stand a chance. What an unexpected twist!

Unfortunately, they’ll first have to go up against Team Liquid: the de facto second best team in North America and a shoo-in for the Spring Split finals.

Team Liquid — Still A Force to be Reckoned With

Despite losing to Cloud9 (in quite emphatic fashion, one might add), Team Liquid are still a top-tier contender and one of the biggest frontrunners to win the whole thing. They obviously have a few kinks to work out but are nonetheless a competitive behemoth and will no doubt return with a vengeance.

Moreover, the mistakes they made are all easy to fix and shore up. They’re mostly tied to positioning and mid-to-late game decision-making — nothing overly egregious or unsolvable.

And, most importantly, they’re mistakes that CLG will not be able to exploit and punish.

There’s really nothing on the line here although a win for both teams sure would feel nice. Team Liquid probably want a bit of redemption after dropping the ball last week, but beating CLG (no matter in which fashion) won’t really create any noticeable amount of momentum behind their backs. If, however, the boys in black and blue were to pull off an upset, their chances of making playoffs would immediately skyrocket.

Team Liquid are the better team, and everyone knows it, too. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come out the gates swinging and tryhard like their lives depend on it — that’s CLG job as the onus is on them to perform. Team Liquid have already punched their ticket to the playoffs and they probably don’t care much if they end up in second, third, or even fourth place — they’ll have to go through everyone to claim the throne anyway.

This means that CLG will try their absolute hardest to pull off an upset and, in doing so, move one step closer to claiming a spot in the Top 6. It sounds impossible, we know, but they do hold wins over Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, and the Golden Guardians, so they’re obviously not as bad as most folks would lead you to believe. They’re not a top-tier competitor by any stretch of the imagination but they’ve hit their stride and are slowly (but surely) becoming a fairly formidable adversary — one that has nothing to lose whatsoever and is playing without any fear and reserve.

2022 LCS Betting | TL vs. CLG Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Even though it’s not a high-profile clash of titans, a good time is still pretty much guaranteed. Both teams love to skirmish and they never back down from a good old-fashioned brawl! That’s not always the best course of action and it can, at times, lead to a disaster, but it sure is fun to watch!

Team Liquid are obviously much better at thriving in such challenging circumstances, but CLG will definitely put up a fight.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TL vs. CLG Predictions:
Team Liquid!
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