2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TL vs. FLY Predictions & Match Analysis

TL vs. FLY might not be the most exciting match-up one can imagine, but it’s worth being talked about. As far as predictions go, this is a pretty simple one and, well, we wouldn’t have it any other way — we’re fed up with unexpected upsets and turns that can make our heads spin; now we just want consistency and a stable status quo. Nothing more, nothing less.

There’s no reason to sugarcoat it: between these two teams lay a world of difference. They’re separated by just two spots in the standings and yet there’s the vastest of gaps between them. And, well, no one should be overly surprised by that being the case.

This Team Liquid line-up has all the right tools to not only win the LCS but even do some damage on the international stage as well. FlyQuest, on the other hand, are more akin to a capable gatekeeper, a well-rounded team with a lot to give but also one that has a very visible skill ceiling. They seem to be a shoo-in for the playoffs, but anything higher than, say, a fifth-place finish seems rather unlikely.

Still, even that much would warrant a ton of praise and commendation. They’ve struggled, much like everyone else, but whenever they managed to get on the same page and execute as a five-man unit, they were definitely a force to be reckoned with. A flawed but still dangerous opponent. Their record says it all: seven wins and six losses. Not exactly spectacular, but far from bad or underwhelming.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, have only lost three games thus far, and are currently one of the biggest frontrunners to win the whole split. Their loss to Cloud9 really isn’t an indication of their current strength nor of their position relative to the boys in black and blue. We cannot stress that enough. They were just the worse team on the day and had made numerous mistakes which eventually cost them the game. It’s really that simple.

Their most egregious flaws (which were definitely on display) are all easy to fix, and the outcome may well be different once these two teams step foot on stage compete in a Best of 5.

That is the only test we care about.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TL vs. FLY Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Despite this being a foregone conclusion, there’s still a reason to tune in. FlyQuest are much better than people want to give them credit for and they’re also not the kind of team that’ll go down without a fight.

We have to be cautious here and not sing their praises too much, but you get the point: they’re capable, well-rounded, and have a bunch of great players who’ve been playing some very respectable League of Legends.

They’re also inconsistent and volatile and can never really be counted on. They dominated for three weeks straight, then imploded in week four, bounced back in week five, and then once again dropped the ball just a few days ago. A topsy-turvy ride, no doubt.

That’s not exactly what you want to see from a team that generally has all the hallmarks of a playoff contender. You’d also think that by this point they’d be a bit more consistent, but that hasn’t been the case, for whatever reason.

A game against Team Liquid will almost surely not go their way, but it’ll still be a nice litmus test of sorts, a way for them to gauge their own potential and strength against a team most folks consider a shoo-in for the Spring Split finals.

They don’t have to winthey just need to make it competitive and, in doing so, generate a bit of positive momentum for the forthcoming playoffs. The better they perform, the better they’ll feel about their chances going forward, and that’s far more important than you’d expect.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TL vs. FLY Predictions — Potential Risks

There aren’t any big risks as far as this particular game is concerned. There’s still a fair bit of chaos in the LCS, but things have, in all fairness, started to settle down. Upsets are no longer as frequent an occurrence as they were just a week or two ago, and we couldn’t be happier for that being the case.

This FlyQuest bunch is still mighty dangerous and can definitely pack a punch if left unattended. Their most recent loss to 100 Thieves was by no means a bad showing; they can keep up with the best teams in North America — they just can’t win all that often.

Be that as it may, they’re motivated beyond measure to leave a mark and upend the status quo; they should, therefore, be awarded with ample respect. They, too, can pull off an upset, and Team Liquid would be wise not to underestimate them.

A TL win is all but guaranteed, but if our hunch is correct, this could very well end up being far more competitive and even that the odds would suggest!

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TL vs. FLY Predictions:
Team Liquid!
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