2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TSM vs. 100 Thieves Predictions & Match Analysis

What a strange match-up, one that we’re not quite sure how best to tackle and analyze. TSM vs. 100 Thieves, on the surface, is as big of a mismatch as it gets. In actuality, however, it might end up being a lot closer than one would ever think possible. Predictions will naturally lean in favor of the defending champions, but unless they bring their “A game,” a seismic upset could very well occur.

First of all, one thing needs to be said: TSM have no business being as “good” as they currently are. Perhaps “surging” would be the most appropriate way for us to formulate it. Whether they’re actually any good or not still remains to be seen, but they sure have piqued our interest.

They’re on a two-game winstreak and are currently tied in ninth place. An unenviable position, no doubt, one that is devoid of any hype and reverence. Still, it sure does beat having sole possession of tenth place, and in the absence of any great triumph, these little ones should still be treasured and celebrated.

Their win over Cloud9, in particular, is most intriguing. It wasn’t just a “lucky strike” or a flash in the pan, either — they really were the better team on the day. And maybe we wouldn’t be as surprised and flabbergasted as we are had they not looked as good as they did against the de facto best team in North America.

It was a truly brilliant showing — a shellacking in every sense of the word. And, well, we’re still not quite sure what to think of it.

The complicated thing here is that TSM can no longer be deemed a bottom-dweller. It’s simply not possible after all that they’ve done and the many great plays which they’ve made. They’re out of the running for playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they’re just going to roll over and surrender — far from it, in fact.

This ragtag bunch is playing with an incredible amount of zest and fervor, and even though they have nothing left to fight for they at least want to end things off with a “bang” and find a bit of redemption in the process as well.

Opposite them, however, will stand a team of incredible strength and potential, one that, while not as powerful as we thought it’d be, is still rightfully ranked near the very top of the standings.

100 Thieves — Back in Form

The defending champions have finally stepped up. It took them a while, in all fairness, but at least they’ve corrected course in time for the playoffs and are currently amongst the very best teams in North America.

Their five-game winstreak is also mighty impressive All things considered, it’s safe to say that they’re “back,” although it still remains to be seen how well they’ll fare against Team Liquid and Cloud9 in the Best of 5 setting.

They’re also better than TSM in every conceivable way and yet we’re still somewhat wary of a potential upset. The thing is, TSM are playing without any pressure whatsoever. That alone makes them an incredibly dangerous opponent. It doesn’t matter if their skill ceiling isn’t as high if they come out the gates throwing wild haymakers — for them to win they only need to “land” a few of those blows.

100 Thieves have already secured their spot in the playoffs, so they probably won’t feel the need to tryhard as much. Unless, of course, they want to overtake Team Liquid, in which case they’ll probably play like their lives depend on it.

In any case, no one should be overly surprised if they end up getting upset. They’re probably focused more on preparing for the postseason rather than their last three games and, well, we can hardly blame them.

2022 LCS Betting | TSM vs. 100 Thieves Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Well, we can think of two: 1) 100 Thieves are playing which means that a good time is basically guaranteed; 2) TSM FTX are in the position to play spoiler and could definitely put on one heck of a show. At its core, this is nothing but a lopsided mismatch, but it’d be foolish of us to think of it that way.

TSM’s most recent games have been absolutely incredible so by no means should anyone “package” this as an easy win for 100 Thieves. A win it’ll probably be, but it almost certainly will not come easy.

We don’t know how motivated 100 Thieves are and whether their flawed and sloppy days are really a thing of the past. They’re still fallible and are prone to making egregious mistakes, so a very competitive affair might be in the cards here. With that being said, betting against the defending champions simply wouldn’t make any sense at this point in time.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TSM vs. 100 Thieves Predictions:
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