2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TSM vs. DIG Predictions & Match Analysis

TSM vs. DIG doesn’t sound like a load of fun, and everyone’s predictions (which are bound to favor the boys in black and yellow) will surely reflect it as well. On paper, there’s really not a whole lot to get excited about because of the vast gap between these two teams. In actuality, however, that gap may have shrunk last week, which makes this particular game a lot more alluring than it might seem at first glance.

TSM FTX are coming in hot after taking down the Golden Guardians. And the fact that they’ve won isn’t even the most impressive thing but rather the fashion in which it all went down. We were all taken aback by their aggressive play and ability to execute against a very capable mid-tier playoff contender.

It was, however, only their second win. Their 2W-9L record is still thoroughly abysmal, so it’s hard to really praise them all that much given their current position in the standings. They have improved, though, so it’s only fair of us to give them a bit of credit.

It’s not going to matter much in the grand scheme of things, but it probably still feels nice. And, well, that’s about as much as they can get right now given the circumstances.

This game has us wondering: was it just a one-off thing or, perhaps, an indication that they’re on the up-and-up? We’re not going to board any hype train here, don’t worry, but it’s impossible not to wonder; a “surging” TSM with nothing to lose has the potential to wreak havoc.

Unlike all of their peers (who’ve done and accomplished a lot more thus far), they can play without any fear or pressure. Their Spring Split is all but officially over, so why not take someone down with them and go out in a blaze of glory? Playing spoiler isn’t the most prestigious thing in the world but it’s not half bad either.

They are now just one win below Counter Logic Gaming, and a meager two below Immortals. Their playoff hopes have been dashed but they still have a reason to tryhard. Wearing the legendary black and white jersey is a luxury seldom given, and they surely want to find at least a bit of redemption before packing their bags and going on an involuntary vacation.

Plus, no one’s all that consistent in the LCS other than, say, Team Liquid and Cloud9. On a good day, TSM could, in theory, pull off an upset, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they’ll ride this small (but oh-so-crucial) wave of momentum which they’ve accumulated.

Again, it’s not much, but it probably means the world to TSM — they’ve been getting smacked around for weeks and their morale must’ve been in shambles. Now that they’ve finally gotten another win on the board they can start being (moderately) hopeful and optimistic about their future.

There’s nothing really to celebrate just yet, but if they get another few wins under their belt, they sure would lessen the “shame” that comes with being dead last in the standings.

Dignitas, however, will not be an easy test. They’re favored here for a reason, and even though they’re very flawed and inconsistent, they should still be a bit better than the boys in black and white — “should” being the operative word here.

2022 LCS Betting | TSM vs. DIG Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Well, the list of reasons why one should tune in isn’t particularly long or impressive. This, at heart, is still a fairly big mismatch and a clash that isn’t going to generate any noticeable amount of buzz. We have a quintessential gatekeeper on the one side and a bottom-dweller on the other.

Hardly anything worth writing home about.

There’s still a reason to tune in, though. Dignitas are in a very precarious position. Their 5W-6L record is also somewhat deceiving as they’re actually one the least consistent and capable teams in the LCS.

Certain players of theirs are either not good enough or have started telegraphing their plans and moves way in advance — a huge problem that was easily exploited by the best teams in NA. They’ve won just two of their last five games which, for a team with playoff hopes — is quite a big problem.

That’s why this particular game is so darn important. It’s not exactly “do or die” but it’s not far off either. They cannot afford to drop the ball here, and while we do think they’re better than TSM, a win here will by no means be guaranteed.

At their best, Dignitas can definitely tango with the who’s who of the LCS, but their best seldom happens. You can never really predict how well they’ll play and whether or not they’ll implode at the first sign of trouble. They have been pretty darn competitive, but that hasn’t always resulted in a win which, as already mentioned, could end up being a very big problem.

Even Kim “River” Dong-woo, arguably their biggest early game catalyst, has been struggling to influence the map in the same way he did just a few weeks back. He hasn’t been “figured out” per se, but his routes and pathing have gotten a bit easier to read and, therefore, to counter.

The rest of the team is also “hot and cold,” although it’s mostly been the latter lately. They don’t always end up mounting an offensive, and even though they never go down without a fight, we are starting to get worried for their chances of making the playoffs.

They’ve lost to both FlyQuest (twice) and the Golden Guardians. We also don’t think they’re better than Immortals which, if true, means they don’t have much to look forward to. Now, make no mistake: they are a good team, but they aren’t better than most of their peers, and a few brilliant moments are also not enough to generate any concrete amount of hype or momentum.

Beating TSM here will be of the utmost importance. They’re by no means guaranteed to win, but they are equipped to handle the boys in black and white and should definitely be able to emerge victorious after a long, drawn-out battle.

This, in short, is the quintessential “hindsight 20/20” kind of game. With that being said, Dignitas have accomplished a lot more thus far and have earned at least some semblance of trust. TSM have improved, but it was just one game and that’s simply not enough to “win us over.”

Not yet, at least.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TSM vs. DIG Predictions:
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