2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TSM vs. EG Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for TSM vs. EG will surely be unanimous — for wholly logical reasons. Still, TSM seem to be on the up-and-up, and they could, potentially, put up a much bigger fight than any of us expect. They have nothing left to lose and that alone makes them a very dangerous opponent.

EG, on the other hand, have a myriad of reasons to tryhard and play like their lives depend on it.

There are just three weeks of play left and yet they don’t even have a .500 record. Ludicrous, we know, but it’s just the way things are. They’re actually ranked below FlyQuest and are tied with Dignitas QNTMPAY; we’re talking about two teams that are nowhere near as capable and stacked as they are.

But talent and overall potential mean very little if EG can’t execute and deliver once they step foot on stage. Of what use is their staggering talent if it doesn’t result in them getting their hands raised? What’s the point of having some of the best players around if they cannot play and execute as a unit?

We haven’t lost hope for EG, but the margin for error is shrinking by the minute, and they’ve done very little to warrant our benefit of the doubt. The sheer fact that they’ve lost six of their eleven games baffles us. It makes no sense whatsoever. They have the right players and the right coaching staff for the job, and yet for some odd reason things simply haven’t “clicked.”

Evil Geniuses — Not There Yet

We’ve seen their highs and moments of brilliance so we know what they’re really capable of, but those flashes have not only been short-lived but also unpredictable. Sometimes they spawn on the Rift and just blow their opponents out of the water as if it were child’s play. Other times, however, they make the most baffling, rookie-like mistakes.

They’ve also been somewhat middling on an individual level, but that, too, varies from game to game. We know for a fact that they’re better and more capable than the vast majority of their peers, but unless they can mount an offensive and get a few more wins on the board, their season is bound to get cut short.

Are they a Top 4 team? We’re not quite sure. We’d argue for that being the case, but their record would suggest otherwise. They will correct course, but it still feels like they’ve dropped the ball somewhat.

Their record’s not important but their level of play is.

Fortunately for them, TSM FTX is one of the least capable teams in North America, and is about as “easy” a win as they can get. They’ll still have to fight for it, mind you, but they’re favored here for a very good reason and should, by all means, be able to get the job done.

2022 LCS Spring Split Betting | TSM vs. EG Predictions:
Evil Geniuses!
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