2022 LCS Spring Split Playoffs Betting | C9 vs. GG Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for C9 vs. GG will surely be lopsided, but if things pan out as expected, this one might end up being a lot more competitive than the odds would suggest. In fact, an upset might be in the cards, too, although we’re certainly cheering against such an outcome.

Cloud9 are struggling, and they’re struggling mightily. We’re not willing to count them out just yet, but they have not been playing good League of Legends lately and, frankly, there’s no reason for anyone to be overly optimistic about their chances going forward.

We simply do not understand what has happened behind the scenes that has led to such a tremendous decline. They’re a pale shadow of their former selves, out of sync, seemingly feeble and meek, flawed beyond measure and out of sorts — not at all the dominant Cloud9 we’ve become accustomed to.

Their loss to 100 Thieves was not only lopsided, but perhaps even a bit embarrassing too.

They had so response, no solution to what the defending champions brought to the table. They were slow to react, and when they did react it was a sloppy manner, one that is by no means appropriate for a team as stacked as theirs.

100 Thieves came in with a plan and were able to execute it beautifully. They made it look easy, too, as if it were child’s play — a clash against a severely flawed team that was by no means prepared and equipped to trade blows on the biggest stage in North America.

Now, to be fair, they did put up a fight, but not once did we wonder who’d come out on top. 100 Thieves handled them with ease. Heck, that sounds like an understatement! They had an answer for every single thing Cloud9 attempted, and so it’s hard not to wonder: is this the beginning of the end for the boys in black and blue?

It sure does look like it.

A Flawed Identity

Park “Summit” Woo-tae is everyone’s frontrunner for this split’s MVP award. That, obviously, is the highest accolade a player can get. Summit, however, no longer seems invincible nor has he been contributing much to his team lately.

In fact, in his last three games against 100 Thieves, he has accrued a KDA that is almost mythologically dreadful: 1/23/3. He was the runaway MVP and has now been reduced to nothing but a flawed and exploitable top laner, one whose tendencies can be contained and punished — often with ease.

Cloud9 is already used to playing through top lane and, well, it’s hard to blame them — Summit was and still is an exceptionally talented player. He is, however, pretty darn exploitable whenever he’s not given priority in the draft and happens to be laning against a tank.

100 Thieves realized this far too well, and the results speak for themselves.

And it’s not a “stylistic” thing either — Cloud9 are simply not good enough to compete on even footing with the defending champions. There’s really no other way to say it. They’re not necessarily a bad team but they still have a lot of work ahead of them before they can, potentially, trade blows with the LCS cream of the crop.

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Golden Guardians, on the other hand, are far better than most folks want to give them credit for. They’re by no means a towering giant or a team that’s going to upend the status quo, but mediocre and feeble they certainly are not.

They’re motivated, in sync, fairly capable, and have had the luxury of observing Cloud9 from a distance. They have a great coaching staff, so one has to assume that they’ve done their homework and have prepared well for the monumental task at hand.

Now, the million dollar question: could they defeat Cloud9 in a Best of 5? That’s a hard one to answer but they certainly have a shot. C9 still have a bit more hype and momentum, but they’ve also showcased numerous egregious weaknesses throughout the last few weeks and are no longer deemed an unassailable giant but rather a flawed and exploitable top-tier team in the making.

If ever there was a moment for GG to pull off an upset, it’s now.

They’re not that experienced, though, and they’ve yet to play a Best of 5 on stage in front of a live audience. The fact that they’ve yet to beat Cloud9 in 2022 also doesn’t help their case. That one fact cannot be overstated.

Teams can underperform and they can improve over time, but if they don’t have the tools which are necessary for the job, then they’re probably not going to end up winning. It’s really that simple.

Now, they’ve surely grown a ton over the last two or so weeks, but we just don’t think it’ll be enough against a team as skilled and layered as Cloud9. They, too, have their issues and flaws, but the Golden Guardians will really have to play some sublime League of Legends so as to stand a chance at upsetting.

They do have moments of brilliance, but they’re sporadic, unpredictable. They come at the most random of moments and cannot be counted upon. To win against a team like Cloud9 — in a Best of 5, no less — you really have to be “on point” multiple games in a row. And, well, even then a victory would be far from guaranteed.

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There are simply too many things going against the Golden Guardians for us to fully and unreservedly stand in their favor. They’re a really good team, but they’re probably not ready yet to compete on even footing with the LCS pantheon — a pantheon Cloud9 is still a member of, despite their many struggles and deficiencies.

In the end, it’d be ludicrous of us not to side with Cloud9 on this one, severely flawed though they have been. The fact that 100 Thieves beat them so effortlessly means nothing for the Golden Guardians — they’re simply not on the same level.

That said, however, we’ll probably witness a highly competitive clash — one that may even go the five-game distance.

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