2022 LCS Spring Split Playoffs Betting | Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses Predictions & Match Analysis

Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses is our favorite kind of match-up: competitive but still inherently one-sided. We all love a good old-fashioned, skirmish-heavy Best of 5. We’re not, however, partial to upsets and games in which both teams have a shot at emerging victorious.

That’s why this particular Bo5 has us so excited: it’ll yield fireworks and some truly incredible League of Legends but will, in the end, resolve in exactly the way we expect it to. What more could you ask for?

We’re talking about an endlessly interesting clash here, one that is bound to entertain us in all the right ways. And the fact that it’s a foregone conclusion in no way diminishes the hype. Evil Geniuses might not be good enough to beat Team Liquid, but they’re incredibly talented nonetheless and will, by all means, give the former champions a run for their money.

When you have teams this good, it really doesn’t matter if you know how things will pan out or not — you’ll tune in regardless just so that you can observe the spectacle.

Let’s not build up any unnecessary suspense here: Team Liquid will beat Evil Geniuses, and they’ll almost certainly do so in clean, 3-0 fashion. They’re better in every conceivable way and should be able to prove it with relative ease, too.

Team Liquid have beaten Evil Geniuses a whopping five times in a row. Let that sink in. They’ve been styling over the boys black and orange as if it were the easiest thing in the world. And we loved every second of it.

The thing with EG is that they’re actually good enough to compete but not to win — at least not against Team Liquid. Or, well, any other Top 3 team for that matter. They actually don’t hold any wins over teams ranked above them, which obviously doesn’t bode particularly well for their chances going forward.

They always put up a fight but for one reason or another they never really go the “whole nine yards.” So if you’ve decided to “jump ship” and depart the EG hype train, we’ll definitely understand.


We’ve given them the benefit of the doubt many a time and they’ve yet to deliver and reward us for our faith and patience. The fact that they keep losing to the LCS pantheon isn’t necessarily a big enough reason to sound the alarms. Those, however, weren’t the only teams they lost to.

Evil Geniuses are their own biggest enemy. They have the mechanical talent, the experience, and the game knowledge to compete at the highest of levels and yet for some odd reason their talents and virtues simply haven’t “clicked.”

And, well, we’re all out of patience.

Just Not Good Enough… Yet

This team simply isn’t competent enough to trade blows and rub shoulders with the LCS crème de la crème. That is a fact, and there’s no other way to say it. Their last few games were quite impressive, but they had faced CLG’s Academy line-up and FlyQuest — the latter of which opted for a thoroughly abysmal draft and a strategy they simply had no shot at executing.

In other words: they did look good, but there’s definitely a small asterisk next to their wins.

On paper, this version of Evil Geniuses has it all. They’re all truly great players on an individual level, but they’ve yet to come together and play as a unit. If you observe any of them separately, it’s hard not to be impressed with their mechanical prowess and ability to dominate, especially in lane.

But once they transition into the mid and later stages of the game, they tend to fall apart in the strangest of ways. All of a sudden they start making egregious calls, misexecuting, mispositioning, and going for plays they have no business going for.

Could they improve over time? Absolutely! The day these five players come together will be the day Evil Geniuses cracks Top 3 — with ease, no less. We saw the kinds of highs they could reach back in LCS Lock-In, and we were not left indifferent. They’re immensely talented, and once they find a way to synergize and execute as a five-man unit, they will leave a mark.

Of that you can be certain.

2022 LCS Playoffs Betting | Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses Predictions — Reasons to Watch

We’re still talking about a high-profile, top-tier clash here, and the fact that it’s a foregone conclusion in no way diminishes the hype. Team Liquid are obviously favored, and there’s a very good reason why: this is likely the most capable and dangerous version of TL we’ve seen yet.

And, well, that’s really saying something.

They’re no longer passive nor do they play for scaling. Instead, they’re all about early game playmaking and they also have numerous players gifted with the indescribable “X factor” — players who can (and most often will) make the game-winning play in the blink of an eye.

We really cannot envision a world in which they end up losing to Evil Geniuses. They’re simply better in every conceivable fashion, and they’ll surely prove it, too.

2022 LCS Playoffs Betting | Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses Predictions — Potential Risks

There really aren’t any, in all fairness. Team Liquid can, at times, drop the ball, but they’ve yet to do so against Evil Geniuses.

They know what needs to be done so as to emerge victorious and preparing for such a flawed opponent — one which they’ve already beaten a million times — also shouldn’t prove to be that big of a challenge.

This’ll be a clean 3-0 most likely.
2022 LCS Spring Split Playoffs Betting | Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses Predictions:
Team Liquid!
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