2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | 100 vs. TSM Predictions & Match Analysis

100 Thieves taking on TSM FTX is probably not what one would label as a “must watch;” then again, as far as match-ups go, it’s actually not all that bad. This clash isn’t going to “light the world on fire” nor will it go down in history for its importance — that much is probably clear to everyone.

Still, its benefits are twofold: we’ll get to see one of the very best teams in the LCS compete (100 Thieves) and a premier first look at TSM’s upgraded line-up. And so, really, there’s nothing for us to complain about!

First of all, we’re all dying to see 100 Thieves back in action. They’re astonishingly capable and are, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest frontrunners to win the whole thing and represent North America on the biggest of stages come October.

They’re a part of the LCS pantheon, but they’re not the only ones: Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Cloud9 are all a part of it as well.

So we have four exceptional teams only three of which will get to compete at the World Championship in a few months’ time. The margin for error, therefore, is pretty much non-existent. To make things even more interesting, all four teams have a shot at winning the LCS and etching their names in history.

It is, therefore, paramount for 100 Thieves to start things off with as big a statement as possible. If they can beat TSM to a pulp — and there’s no reason why they couldn’t — they’ll be able to generate a bit of positive momentum and, hopefully, snowball it into other subsequent wins and triumphs.

TSM, on the other hand, aren’t expected to accomplish much — people have lowered their expectations as much as humanly possible after everything that went down last split.

2022 LCS Summer Predictions | 100 vs TSM — A Lopsided Mismatch

Let’s get one thing straight: no one expects TSM to win and, well, it’s easy to understand why. They’re just not good enough to compete on even footing. There’s really no other way to say it.

Still, if they can at least put up a fight and give 100 Thieves a run for their money that’ll be more than enough for us to feel some semblance of hope.

And, with the Taiwanese mid lane legend Maple leading the charge, they could very well pull it off — by “it” we mean make things competitive. He’s about as seasoned and capable as they come and while he’s no longer as dangerous as was the case in the past he can still compete at the highest of levels and trade blows with the Bjergsens and Jensens of the world — of that we are completely certain.

Now, we don’t think this version of TSM will end up moving the needle, but they should be a fair bit more competitive and dangerous than last split. And that, should it happen, will already be a great first step towards them becoming relevant again.

Then, with a much better foundation, they’ll be able to generate a bit more hype and potentially find more success once 2023 comes around.

Their line-up is still mighty capable: Huni, Spica, and Tactical are all great, experienced players, and if they can find the motivation to tryhard and play their absolute best League of Legends they could, by all means, turn TSM into a threat.

With all of that being said, they’re still not cohesive or capable enough to compete on even footing with a towering giant like 100 Thieves. They’re better at the game, they’re more aggressive, in sync, and versatile beyond measure. TSM simply pales in comparison.

And so our choice is clear.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | 100 vs. TSM Predictions:
100 Thieves!
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