2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | C9 vs. FLY Predictions & Match Analysis

Here’s something that is at once both wholly natural and tremendously surprising: Cloud9 may very well be the best team in the LCS right now. On the one hand, no one should be overly surprised for that being the case given whom they have competing under their banner. On the other, their 0W-3L start to the split definitely had us worried — and rightfully so.

But in true Cloud9 fashion, the one that is well-known across the globe, they’ve not only fixed their most glaring issues but have hit the ground running in ways not even the biggest, most faithful C9 apologist could have expected.

They’re destroying teams left, right, and center, and even though they, too, are still rough around the edges and prone to making egregious mistakes, their veterancy and sheer talent do tend to shine bright in the most crucial of moments.

They’ve now equalized their record — a .500 tally, while by no means historic, is still pretty darn impressive given just how dreadful they were a mere two weeks back.

We’re blown away, is all, and really want to give them their due: it takes a metric ton of effort (not to mention talent) to pull off such a fast reversal — in the face of some incredible opposition, no less.

C9 vs FLY Predictions — Simply a Cut Above

FlyQuest, too, are a worthy contender and a team we can rightfully (and somewhat freely) praise, but they still make many of the same mistakes and are, therefore, exploitable in much the same way.

They’re a good team overall with a very original take on how the game should be played, but they’re also limited in terms of potential and will not be able to leave much of a mark once everything is said and done.

Cloud9 are the heavy favorites here and that’s for a very good reason: they’re better across the board and should be able to prove it without much issue.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | C9 vs FLY Predictions:
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