2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | CLG vs. C9 Predictions & Match Analysis

For the first time in what feels like forever, CLG vs C9 will not a lopsided mismatch and the odds kind of reflect it as well; predictions for this particular game will surely lean towards Jensen and Co. but it might end up being a lot more competitive than any of us thought possible coming into the split.

Counter Logic Gaming are not to be trifled with; that’s a sentence that hasn’t been written (at least not in seriousness) for many a year.

They’ve improved leaps and bounds and are currently playing like a team possessed — and we’re happy beyond measure for that being the case! They’re not a top-tier team (contrary to what some are claiming), but they sure can pack a punch if left unattended!

They’re also playing with ample zest and fervor and that’s not something that can be said for the vast majority of their peers, most of which seem to be on “auto-pilot.” CLG are hungry.

They’re fed up with being the laughing stock of the region and have actually made the right adjustments so as to stand a chance at leaving a mark. They’re still a gatekeeper, mind you, but at least they’re a lot more layered — and, by proxy, dangerous — than what was the case for years.

Their incredible 4W-1L record attests to the fact, too. Heck, they’re tied for first with the incumbent champions Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid! That speaks volumes about their current level of play and overall ability to perform in the face of some mighty stiff opposition!

It shouldn’t be taken at face value just yet though.

Playing some mighty fine League of Legends for two weeks in a row — while undoubtedly admirable — is by no means enough to warrant anyone’s benefit of the doubt.

The split, after all, is much longer than that, to say nothing of the postseason and those highly anticipated Best of 5s — a format which this incarnation of CLG is yet to tackle.

Cloud9, on the other hand, seem primed and ready to challenge for the LCS throne and we, for one, couldn’t be more excited!

CLG vs C9 Predictions — Not on the Same Level

The things they did to 100 Thieves (with a brand-new line-up, no less) left us in a state of awe. They’re still rough around the edges, there’s no denying it, but they’ve nonetheless shown tremendous potential (and in the nick of time, too).

The road ahead is long and arduous, but they are well-equipped for the journey.

The fact that they could tango with a top-tier team like 100 Thieves with so little practice is highly indicative of their inherent talent and long-term potential. If they could beat the former LCS champions with just a few scrim blocks (and an “auto-filled” support), who’s to say that they couldn’t reclaim the LCS throne?

It’s a lofty goal, no doubt, but if there’s one team that could pull it off (in spite of the odds), it’s Cloud9.

In any case, they’re the better, more experienced team overall, and if Blaber and Jensen come out the gates swinging — as they always do — they should definitely be able to come out on top once everything is said and done.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | CLG vs C9 Predictions:
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