2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | DIG vs. CLG Predictions & Match Analysis

If you happen to be partial towards lopsided beatdowns and unhinged fiestas, DIG vs. CLG will probably be worth your while. If not, you might as well turn the stream off once the game before it concludes and go to bed — this match-up is about as uninteresting as it gets.

The reason why is quite simple: we have two heavily flawed teams, neither of which will end up leaving a mark once everything is said and done. And so, naturally, expecting anything other than a fiesta would sort of be foolish.

We’ve lost all faith in Counter Logic Gaming. They had their fair share of brilliant moments last split but they were simply too few and far between to actually amount to anything of note — and, well, most of them came from their promising young marksman, not the team as a whole.

On the one hand, we really respect what the coaching staff is doing and fully support their decision to give these players a second shot. On the other, they have so little to offer as a five-man unit that it’s hard to envision any kind of future in which they actually end up moving the needle.

It’s a harsh way of phrasing it, no doubt, but it is correct.

The only reason why one ought to tune in here — other than the aforementioned propensity for fiestas and bloodshed — is to see just how much Dignitas QNTMPAY have improved and whether their upgraded line-up is as good as we’re hoping it’ll be.

DIG vs. CLG Predictions — The Return of a Legends

The fact that we’ll once again get to watch Gamsu compete on the biggest stage in North America warms our heart. How in the world has he been able to return to the LCS afteryears of competing in the Overwatch League?

The games differ so much and yet he transitioned from one to the other (and then back again) with staggering ease. A once-in-a-generation kind of talent, no doubt.

And, to make things even better, he’s just the kind of player Dignitas needed in order to further grow and develop. They didn’t have a well-rounded top laner, one who could hold his own and play weak side.

Gamsu, on the other hand, excels at both.

Now sure, he might not be as good as he was “back in the day,” but he’s still good enough and can surely hold his own against the Impacts and Bwipos of the world. And, perhaps most importantly, him being as stable as he is will enable and unlock the rest of his team.

River, Blue, Neo, and Biofrost have all impressed us throughout the vast majority of the Spring Split, but they could only do so much with as weak a top laner as they had. Now, though, Dignitas could, in theory, grow out into a very dangerous playoff contender, one that is much more layered and capable than it might seem at first glance.

And, needless to say, they probably won’t struggle much to beat Counter Logic Gaming.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | DIG vs. CLG Predictions:
Dignitas QNTMPAY!
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