2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | DIG vs. TL Predictions & Match Analysis

DIG vs. TL might not be what one would deem a spectacle, but it’s actually not half bad either; we have a feisty contender that happens to have upgraded on the one side and one of the most dangerous line-ups in LCS history on the other.

And so while we already know who’s going to win, it’ll probably end up being a lot more competitive and even than the odds would suggest, so do make sure to tune in!

Dignitas QNTMPAY, flawed though they certainly are, never go down without a fight.

They’re feisty beyond measure and have all the right tools and players to compete on even footing with Team Liquid — at least for a little while.

Their early game is stellar (a by-product of having as cerebral and creative a jungler as River), and their mid and late game teamfighting are also much, much better than most folks want to give them credit for. They’ve also “fixed” their biggest issue — the one that was plaguing them throughout the entirety of the Spring Split: a subpar top laner.

Now, Gamsu might not be a towering giant, but a seasoned veteran and a skilled weak side player he most certainly is. He’s exactly what Dignitas were in dire need of; with him aboard, Dignitas should, by all means, be able to compete with the LCS pantheon and wreak havoc when we least expected them to.

Team Liquid, however, are still a cut above.

DIG vs TL Predictions — A Mismatch at Heart

There’s really not a whole lot to get excited about here but you probably knew as much. The outcome here feels as foregone as possible.

The meta is quite malleable, though, and that has us a bit wary; no one’s quite sure of what the best and most optimal way of playing the game is, which means there’s bound to be a ton of experimentation from everyone involved.

That’s… not the optimal state of affairs as far as betting is concerned, but we’ll manage. Team Liquid are by no means infallible, but they are amongst the best and most capable; there’s definitely a huge gap between them and the vast majority of their peers — Dignitas included.

The only possible choice here, therefore, is to bet on the former four-time LCS champions. They’re not guaranteed to win, but they are the better team, and they’ll surely prove it as well.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | DIG vs. TL Predictions:
Team Liquid!
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