2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | EG vs. C9 Predictions & Match Analysis

The 2022 LCS Summer Split is about to begin and to start it all off we have an absolute treat on our hands: EG vs. C9 is what dreams are made of! It is, by all means, as “high-profile” a clash as it gets! And, in addition, a great litmus test for both teams.

On the one hand, it feels nigh impossible to bet against Evil Geniuses after all that they’ve done and accomplished. On the other, Cloud9 will be entering the second half of the season not just with a chip on their shoulder but also with a vastly improved line-up as well.

The addition of Jensen alone would’ve made them a veritable threat. The fact that they’re pushing Fudge back to top and bringing in Zven back from Academy sounds like a surefire recipe for success.

Make no mistake: this Cloud9 line-up has the potential to not only lock down a ticket to the World Championship but perhaps even dethrone Evil Geniuses and reclaim their long-lost LCS throne.

The thing is, there’s really no weak link. Well, assuming Zven can actually be as effective at support as his teammates are claiming. If he doesn’t drop the ball then Cloud9 could, by all means, end up making waves. Heck, that feels like an understatement!

Four-fifths of Cloud9’s line-up consists of former LCS champions. Let that sink in. And they’re all still in their prime, still as good and dominant and talented as ever. Motivated, too, after having imploded last split without any apparent reason.

They have all the potential in the world and they know it, too.

But before they can start hyping themselves up and potentially lay claim to the LCS throne, they’ll need to prove their mettle once more against the very best teams in North America — and they’ll need to do it on a consistent, weekly basis, both in Best of 1s and Best of 5s.

And, as fate would have it, the incumbent champions are the first obstacle on the road — and a most treacherous one at that.

2022 LCS Summer Betting | EG vs. C9 Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Some people are actually favoring Cloud9 to win which, frankly, is beyond foolish. We’re not saying they can’t win or that an upset couldn’t happen but rather that favoring them after everything Evil Geniuses did and accomplished is not only unfair towards the defending champions but perhaps even a bit ludicrous.

Now, we get the hype: their line-up is one of immense talent, potential, and experience, but they’ll still need a bit of time to acclimate, get on the same page and execute as a five-man unit. Zven is still a question mark — that is a fact.

To make things even more complicated, Berserker — astoundingly talented though he is — has supposedly lost his passport over in South Korea and will only be able to join his teammates in about a month’s time.

That, if true, will make them a fair bit weaker and less dangerous than what would’ve been the case otherwise. Nothing has yet been made official but it came straight from Nick “LS” De Cesare so it’s about as “confirmed” as it gets.

Betting on Cloud9 to win would, therefore, be a feat of absolute lunacy — a leap of faith unlike any other.

And, well, we’re not quite willing to risk it. They’ll be incredible, there’s no doubt about it, but siding with Evil Geniuses (in spite of their few egregious flaws) still makes the most sense at this point in time, and that’s true regardless if Berserker happens to be playing or not.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | EG vs. C9 Predictions:
Evil Geniuses!
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