2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | GG vs. FLY Predictions & Match Analysis

GG vs. FLY is actually a lot more interesting than it might seem at first glance. We have two playoff contenders, both of which are much more dangerous and capable than most folks want to give them credit for.

Now, let’s get one thing straight: they’re by no means going to etch their names in history or upend the LCS status quo, but they will put on one heck of a show and entertain us all in the process.

And, well, we’re totally okay with that. Having higher expectations simply wouldn’t be fair given the fact that they are, in all fairness, nothing but capable gatekeepers. That’s a pejorative in most cases, but we really don’t say it in any disparaging way — the Golden Guardians and FlyQuest are amongst the most capable teams in the LCS.

Their only issue is that they’re just not good enough to compete with the Team Liquids and Cloud9s of the world, that’s all. That, however, doesn’t mean they’re unworthy of our time and attention because they most certainly are.

2022 LCS Summer Betting | GG vs. FLY Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Both teams love to skirmish and are extremely proficient at it. They also have a bunch of exceptional players, some of which have already made a splash despite joining the North American region mere months ago.

We’re itching to see Pridestalkr and Toucouille compete again, although much of the same can be said for some of their peers and colleagues as well. These two, however, stood out in the most unexpected of ways and have already made a name for themselves.

Will they keep on blowing our minds or have their Spring Split performances been just a flash in the pan? They don’t have anything left to prove but it is an interesting thing to ponder on, no doubt.

If they can somehow keep on impressing they’ll no doubt receive numerous alluring offers once the off-season comes around. Although, in all fairness, we’re not quite sure where they could land next, what with all top-tier teams already having incredible junglers and mid laners.

Be that as it may, they still have a reason to tryhard and make their presence known — and it all starts here, with this particular game.

We’re leaning slightly more towards the boys in black and gold but it could really go either way. They’ve opted to sell Lost to Immortals and make Stixxay their full-time starter, but we’re not quite sure whether he should be considered an upgrade at this point of his (admittedly quite successful) career.

In any case, it’ll be an interesting litmus test for both teams.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | GG vs. FLY Predictions:
Golden Guardians!
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