2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | IMT vs. TL Predictions & Match Analysis

IMT vs. TL is pretty much the first “stinker” of the day. We might be a bit harsh here, but that is the truth. Once everything is said and done, Immortals will be ranked ninth at best.

And so them facing off against one of the greatest line-ups in Western history can only result in a lopsided beatdown — the kind that is neither exciting to watch nor talk about.

If you’re a fan of Team Liquid (as so many of us are), you’ll probably tune in regardless of whom they might be up against.

Immortals, on the other hand, have done very little to generate hype and earn our benefit of the doubt.

Immortals — Who’s Thought This Was a Good Idea?

In fact, their current line-up can actually be deemed a downgrade compared to the one from Spring.

That’s… totally not in line with what’s usually the case. A team might experiment a bit at the very start of the season and then, once said experiment fails to yield any great result, they backtrack and make a series of changes in hopes that they’ll end up making a difference.

That’s exactly what Cloud9 did, for instance.

Immortals, however, went from bad to worse and it pains us to say it. Now, the shift from Destiny to IgNar could, by all means, yield great results. The same cannot be said for the jump from WildTurtle/Arrow to Lost — a player they supposedly went out of their way to acquire and buyout from the Golden Guardians.

That’s… a weird roster signing if ever there was one.

Lost is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the least capable AD carries in North America. He’s not bad per se but he is quite a bit worse than pretty much all of his peers and colleagues. Why, then, Immortals would go to such lengths to acquire him?

He might be bringing the house down in scrims but there’s a very good reason why Lost never accomplished anything of note, despite playing for a wide range of teams and organizations — and it sure as heck wasn’t for a lack of trying.

And so, if you’re an OG Immortals fan, you’d be wise to lower any and all expectations as this line-up simply isn’t going to deliver. They’ll try their hardest, of course, and they might even pull off a few upsets further down the line, but that’s almost certainly going to be the most they’re going to accomplish.

And, naturally, there’s very little — if anything — they’ll be able to do against a team as capable and talented as Team Liquid.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | IMT vs. TL Predictions:
Team Liquid!
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