2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | TL vs. CLG Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for TL vs CLG will surely be all over the place and we, for one, are not glad for that being the case. If we were only looking to watch and observe the spectacle then we really couldn’t care less.

Those looking to put their hard-earned money on the line, however, probably aren’t too happy with the way this whole thing has been set up; Team Liquid were supposed to be head and shoulders better than their forthcoming opponents and yet the gap between them seems rather miniscule — at least in terms of performance.

The former four-time LCS champions have done very little to impress thus far. Individually they’ve been pretty darn stellar, but when we observe them as a unit, as a team that’s supposed to be cohesive and playing in unison, we are left quite wanting.

And, frankly, no one’s all too sure what’s happening and who’s to blame.

They’re still an exceptional team — one of the most stacked and talented in Western history, in fact — but they’re somehow weaker than the sum of their parts. Hans Sama hasn’t been nearly as impressive as everyone thought he’d be, Bjergsen seems to be playing on auto-pilot (at least more often than not), and CoreJJ, while undoubtedly a prodigious support player, hasn’t done much overall.

Bwipo and Santorin are the only two players keeping them “afloat.” Everyone else sort of shows up at random.

CLG, on the other hand, have been a lot more impressive relative to everyone’s expectations. They’re playing like a team possessed and have already gotten more wins on the board than anyone thought would be possible.

They’re still flawed, though, and we have seen them get exploited by both FlyQuest and Cloud9. That’s not a knock on them by any means but it is something one ought to keep in mind — they can be exploited and punished beyond measure, but the team doing it has to be very precise.

Team Liquid has the tools to do it. We know this; everyone knows this. Whether they’ll succeed, though, is up for debate. They sure as heck haven’t been all that impressive, so one can never be too certain.

TL vs CLG Predictions — A Lot More Competitive Than Expected

Counter Logic Gaming sure can pack a punch. Even their game against Cloud9 was a fair bit closer and more competitive than the former LCS champions would have wanted. We knew who the better team was throughout the whole thing, but CLG nonetheless had their stellar moments and did well given whom they were up against.

It’s also easy to criticize Team Liquid for their lackluster performance, but they did, in all fairness, play against one of the very best teams in the LCS. Moreover, they were in the driver’s seat throughout the vast majority of the game — that has to be worth something.

They’re still better and more versatile than CLG, but they haven’t been performing all that well. Will that change tonight? It very well could, but we’re nonetheless wary of an upset happening. Be that as it may, we’ll give Team Liquid the benefit of the doubt here and hope that they’ll finally get on the same page and make a statement worthy of their pedigrees.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | TL vs CLG Predictions:
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