2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | TSM vs. CLG Predictions & Match Analysis

A clash of two age-old organizations, both of which happened to have “built” the LCS as we now know it. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since the last time their names and logos evoked fear and reverence. It pains us to say it but TSM vs. CLG is nothing but a battle of gatekeepers.

Counter Logic Gaming has been mediocre for years so we’re all sort of used to it. TSM, on the other hand, is still held in high esteem for the many trophies and laurels it accrued over the years. Its last few line-ups, however, haven’t been able to move the needle muchif at all.

That, too, has sort of been a twist no one saw coming.

The boys in black and white are synonymous with dominance, with the most jaw-dropping of triumphs and successes. And, well, their last few splits have been quite mediocre with only but the most infrequent of flashes and bursts of brilliance.

This last line-up, in particular, has been underwhelming at best. We’d label it as abysmal, too, but there’s no point in beating a “dead horse.”

The important thing is that TSM have upgraded; we all knew it was a necessary first step for them to stand even the slightest chance of correcting course and leaving a mark in some way, shape, or form. The fact they’ve brought on the Taiwanese legend Maple means that maybe, just maybe, their days of getting smacked around are now finally over.

We still doubt they’ll accomplish anything worthy of note, but better they’ll surely be.

TSM vs CLG Predictions — A Battle of Gatekeepers

And so, really, the only reason why one ought to tune in and observe the “spectacle” is if one happens to be partial to TSM — the most revered and historically important organization the LCS has to offer.

A brand that is to North America what T1 is to South Korea and Royal Never Give Up to China.

Whether they’re any better than CLG still remains to be seen, but we do think they’ll edge them out and somehow find a way to emerge victorious — after a long, drawn-out battle, of course.

Their three-man core of Huni, Spica, and Tactical is still quite stellar, and if Maple happens to hit the ground running like, say, River did back at the start of Spring, then TSM could very well end up stringing a few stellar wins early on.

That being said, CLG have about an equal shot at getting the “W” so just keep that in mind.

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | TSM vs. CLG Predictions:
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