2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | TSM vs. EG Predictions & Match Analysis

TSM vs EG is a clash of old and new, a fight between the champions of the past and those that now reign over the North American region; predictions will naturally lean towards the boys in gray and yellow, but the game itself might end up being a fair bit more competitive than the odds would suggest.

First of all, one thing needs to be said: TSM are not to be trifled with. They are, by all metrics, a surging team with ample potential, and their respectable record proves it, too: 2W-3L might not seem all that impressive, but it’s head and shoulders better than we thought it’d be.

But their overall tally isn’t what’s most important right now. What is, however, is the fact that they were actually the first team to take down Team Liquid, and they did so in as clean a fashion as possible. That one game speaks volumes about their ability to perform and overall potential.

They did, in all fairness, lose to the Golden Guardians just a day later, but that, too, was to be expected — they’re still figuring things out and a bit of trial and error is not only natural but necessary, too.

TSM vs EG Predictions — A Night and Day Difference

TSM are obviously improving at a rapid pace, but they’re still nowhere near good or consistent enough to compete with the incumbent champions on even footing. That might change in a few weeks’ time but right now, as things stand, they’re more of a mid-tier gatekeeper than anything else.

Still, their win over Team Liquid was impressive, and it is an indication that they’re finally starting to mount an offensive.

Their early games, in particular, have been a thing of beauty.

So we’re not going to count them out just yet. They made the necessary roster changes, brought on a seasoned mid laner to lead the charge, and have a fair bit more synergy than we thought would be the case coming into the second half of the season.

They deserve a bit of credit for bouncing back and for finally putting up a fight, although it’s still way too early to proclaim this line-up as a competent one — we have an incredibly small sample size, after all.

In any case, the oddsmakers are favoring Evil Geniuses in this one and, well, it’d be wholly redundant of us to explain why. They’re the better in every conceivable fashion; that, however, doesn’t mean they’ll just cruise their way to a victory — TSM will most certainly put up a fight, so do make sure to tune in!

2022 LCS Summer Split Betting | TSM vs EG Predictions:
Evil Geniuses!
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