2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | BDS vs. FNC Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for BDS vs. FNC will be unanimous — to absolutely no one’s surprise! This is about as big of a mismatch as the LEC can offer, which doesn’t mean it’s not worth talking about!

Team BDS are in a very unique position here: they get to play spoiler and wreak a little havoc. With them having just four wins on the board (and a whopping eleven losses), their Spring Split is going to officially conclude in just a few days time. It was a solid run, although by no means were we blown away at any point during its duration.

They had some very good moments, and more than just a few dreadful ones as well, but that was to be expected given their inexperience.

Their most recent win over Astralis was also a nice surprise: it showed resolve and the willingness to compete until the very end.

We’re not going to waste your time here: there’s no way whatsoever that BDS will be able to take down Fnatic. We wouldn’t go so far as to give out any guarantees, but we simply can’t envision a world in which it happens. Then again, we’ve witnessed many similar upsets over the last few weeks, so it’s definitely not impossible — just extremely unlikely.

BDS have nothing to be ashamed of. Granted, we did expect them to perform a bit better given the fact that most of their players already played with each other back on Karmine Corp, but still: they put up a fight and showed a ton of promise.

We really don’t have the right to ask for anything more — it’s their inaugural split, after all.

We’re a lot more interested in seeing how they’ll handle and traverse the second half of the competitive season. Now that they’re a bit more experienced, one would have to expect a much better showing come Summer Split.

They have many issues to work on but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Their flaws are obvious and, therefore, easy to fix. They don’t lack in talent, but rather finesse and that’s something that can, by all means, be developed and improved upon.

Fortunately for BDS, Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann is the right man for the job, and there’s not a doubt in our mind that he’ll push this team of greenhorns and mold them into a respectable playoff contender come Summer Split.

They’re not going to leave a mark in the grand scheme of things, but they will put up a much bigger fight, and that’s more than enough for their first competitive season in the LEC.

Fnatic, on the other hand, are looking like a bona fide giant, and we can’t wait for them to once again step foot on stage and style over their adversaries — in well known (one might even say patented) Fnatic ways!

The ‘Kings’ Are Back in Town

If we ignore their game against Astralis (and we really should), Fnatic have been darn near perfect over the last four weeks. They’ve only dropped two games and, well, both losses can be excused and attributed to a bad draft or an early game fumble — two issues which can easily be solved and fixed on a moment’s notice.

They’ve beaten Team Vitality, G2 Esports, and even Rogue, too, which means they’re the absolute best team in the LEC right now. That’s quite praise given the region in which they are competing and the fact that they’re nowhere near close to reaching their full potential.

This team is as stacked as it gets and we cannot even imagine how big of a splash they’ll make once all is said and done.

They have Team BDS, Misfits Gaming, and EXCEL Esports lined up for this week and, well, all three games are more than winnable. They could still drop the ball, mind you, but they’re also just one win behind Rogue which means they’ll surely fight their hearts out despite already locking in their spot in the playoffs.

Finishing first would grant them the luxury of choosing their first playoff opponent, and that’s no small benefit — a team as experienced and layered as Fnatic would surely maximize the strategic potential of such a thing.

So, needless to say, they still have a reason to try their hardest and to make as big of a statement as they possibly can. Beating BDS is just one small step towards their actual goal: dethroning Rogue and taking sole possession of first place.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | BDS vs. FNC Predictions — Potential Risks

We can never really predict how a team will behave in these last moments of the split. Some tryhard until the very end; others, however, opt for a bit of “limit testing” which doesn’t always pan out in their favor.

In other words: this is a very challenging moment for betting on competitive League. Our fear is that Fnatic will decide against playing “by the book” and will instead reach for an “off-the-wall” strategy now that their playoff spot has been secured. This, in turn, could give BDS a much bigger shot than the odds would suggest.

It’s unlikely, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | BDS vs. FNC Predictions:
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