2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | BDS vs. RGE Predictions & Match Analysis

BDS vs. RGE is as big of a mismatch as we can imagine, and everyone’s predictions will surely reflect it as well. Rogue are, at worst, a Top 2 team. BDS, on the other hand, are just one win above Astralis but have actually looked a fair bit worse. Labeling them as a “bottom-dweller” might not be all that cordial and nice, but by no means would it be incorrect.

This clash will be as lopsided as humanly possible which doesn’t, however, mean it’s not worthy of our time and attention. BDS are still fairly capable and can definitely put on a show, so if they come out the gates swinging and bring the fight to Rogue they could, by all means, turn this into a very entertaining, skirmish-heavy brawl.

In other words: this’ll be far more competitive — and, by proxy, enjoyable — than the odds would suggest. Plus, we “know” how it’ll eventually resolve so that’s yet another benefit worth mentioning.

With so many upsets happening over the last few weeks, we’re in dire need of a few “safe bets.” There are never any guarantees, but it really doesn’t get any “safer” than this — a clash between one of the very best teams in all of Europe and one of the absolute worst.

So, as far as predictions go, BDS vs. RGE is as clear as day!

Better yet, Rogue still have a reason to tryhard: their spot in the playoffs is locked in, but their final ranking still remains to be determined and finalized.

And, well, there’s a very big difference between being ranked first or, say, fourth. Now it’s no longer about reaching the playoffs but rather securing as preferential a position as possible so as to stand the absolute best chance at leaving a mark and going the “whole nine yards.”

Rogue know this, too, which is why they’ll surely come out the gates swinging.

They’re currently in sole possession of first place but they’re also just one win above Fnatic — Winning their last three games, therefore, will be of the utmost importance. A win over BDS is basically guaranteed but Rogue cannot afford to fool around too much; they, too, are fallible, and their unexpected loss to Astralis serves as proof.

That was a one-off thing, but the fact that it ever happened is somewhat concerning and is an indication that these giants can, in fact, “bleed.”

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | BDS vs. RGE Predictions — Reasons to Watch

There aren’t many, in all fairness. If you happen to be a fan of Rogue’s then you’ll tune in regardless of whom they’re facing; if, however, you’re a fan of BDS then you’ll probably (and most strategically) miss out on this one so as not to see your team get demolished.

That — a thorough shellacking — feels like the only conceivable outcome. An upset could happen, but it’s so unlikely we might as well consider it impossible.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | BDS vs. RGE Predictions:
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