2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | MSF vs. AST Predictions & Match Analysis

We’re going to be forthright here: MSF vs. AST is a tremendous mismatch and everyone’s predictions will surely reflect it as well. That, however, shouldn’t dissuade you from tuning in — Astralis never go down without a fight, and with their playoff hopes dashed, they’ll surely try to end things off with a bang.

And what better way to do so than by beating a team everyone deems far superior? Misfits have already locked in their spot in the playoffs, but after getting their winstreak snapped by Team Vitality — in quite emphatic fashion, no less — they’re probably a bit more vulnerable than they’d like.

Is that a big enough opening for Astralis to swoop in and capitalize? We’re not fully convinced, but they’re a very dangerous bunch and are surely looking to “take someone down with them” and, in doing so, attain some semblance of solace.

A team with nothing to lose is an incredibly dangerous opponent. And with just three wins on the board, Astralis have nothing to lose whatsoever. Getting a win here wouldn’t do anything tremendous or overly important either, but it would make their failure a bit easier to bear. That’s not such a bad “consolation prize,” all things considered.

It’s certainly the only one “up for grabs,” so they might as well go for it.

Misfits, on the other hand, have officially made the cut and can now breathe a sigh of relief. They’ve done so despite being the youngest team in the LEC by average age and, by proxy, the least experienced. They deserve tremendous praise for what they’ve accomplished thus far although their most recent loss did, in all fairness, diminish a bit of their luster.

The boys in white and red were absolutely stellar early on: they got first blood thanks to an incredibly well coordinated dive in the mid lane; they then followed up that play by taking both drakes and generating a respectable gold lead in the process.

All signs were pointing towards yet another Misfits win, but Vitality were quick to capitalize on a few sudden openings. Once the laning phase was over, Luka “Perkz” Perković and his staggeringly talented teammates made all the right calls and basically wrestled control over from Misfits.

What followed was a war of attrition, a war from which Vitality emerged victorious. They made fewer mistakes and pretty much controlled the entire map with ease. Vitality read Misfits like a book and executed their team comp to a tee. It was the kind of performance we expected from them all along: clean, commanding, with a very clear game plan in mind. And, better yet, they played to their win conditions and made no mistakes along the way.

Misfits were overwhelmed and had nothing to answer with. It wasn’t a quick game, but at no point were Misfits able to turn the tides or even come close to it.

You Have to Wonder

Now, no one’s trying to take anything away from Misfits, but we knew this was bound to happen. They lack the experience and the fortitude which are necessary to truly compete with the “big dogs” on a consistent basis.

They’re obviously good enough to offset said deficiencies, but they cannot always count on these “bursts” of brilliance, nor can they put all of their eggs in the Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié and hope that he’ll hardcarry like a madman.

Their playoff spot has been secured so they can definitely work on these issues and flaws without pressure, but one simply has to wonder: will they be able to compete once the playoffs come around?

Winning a bunch of games is great and all, but a true test for any team hoping to claim the throne is a long, drawn-out Best of 5 — a five-game series in which endurance and preparation take center stage.

And, well, it is a test so many teams have failed in the past. We’re not particularly optimistic about Misfits and their chances. They’ve been absolutely stellar, but winning three games (out of a potential five) in a clash with a top-tier behemoth (the Fnatics, Rogues, and Vitalities of the world) feels like a challenge they won’t be able to meet.

Not yet, at least. They’re not far off, though — they just need a bit more time to synergize and refine their strategies and overall play. Once that happens, however, they’ll surely be able to do some damage to the LEC status quo.

Vetheo, for one, is finally ready to challenge the European pantheon, and his many “Player of the Game” awards serve as proof. The rest of his teammates, however, still haven’t reached that point of maturity, but they, too, will get there in due time.

We don’t doubt it one bit.

2022 LEC Betting | MSF vs. AST Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Misfits are surely motivated to get back in the win column after getting outclassed by Vitality. That alone makes this game an absolute must watch — they always put on a show when they’re driven and “provoked.”

They’ll also be facing a team that can, by all means, pull off an upset. Astralis might not be overly impressive or stacked with potential, but they’re still a very capable team and a line-up that tends to “overperform” fairly frequently.

This leads us to the one thing we fear: Misfits dropping the ball and Astralis somehow pulling off an upset. These “bursts” of theirs don’t happen all that often, but they have gotten way more frequent in the second half of the split.

Be that as it may, if Misfits prepare well and don’t underestimate their (admittedly quite flawed) opponents, they should be able to get away with the win and improve to 11W-5L.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | MSF vs. AST Predictions:
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