2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | MSF vs. FNC Predictions & Match Analysis

MSF vs. FNC is undoubtedly one of the most interesting match-ups in the LEC right now and, well, it’s easy to understand why — both teams love to skirmish and are not the ones to go down without a fight; they’re also ranked in the Top 3 which means they both have a reason to tryhard and start swinging for the fences the very moment they spawn on the Rift.

Winning here would put Fnatic in quite an advantageous position. It’d also allow them to, potentially, overtake Rogue in the standings and take sole possession of first place — a huge feat, no doubt, and also something that is within reach.

There are just three games left to be played and, based on all that we’ve seen thus far, we can confidently say that Fnatic are the best and most capable team in the LEC right now. That, in all fairness, was to be expected given whom they have competing under their banner and the incredible amount of experience and talent which are present within their ranks.

They haven’t been perfect, but with just four losses to their name, they did about as good as they could have given the circumstances. The most important thing is that they’ve grown and improved as the weeks went by and are currently playing some truly incredible League of Legends — and they’re mighty cohesive, too!

Their game against Rogue was especially interesting as it was far more lopsided than anyone could have imagined:

They’ve finally conjured up an identity to call their own and they’re firing on all cylinders. And, well, watching it all take shape and unfold has been an absolute pleasure!

Much of the same can be said for Misfits, too — their 10W-5L record is absolutely amazing and is made all the more impressive once you factor in just how little they had to work with. No superstars, no legendary veterans with years of experience, and yet they’ve not only secured themselves a spot in the playoffs but have looked absolutely incredible throughout the whole process as well.

They were able to exceed all expectations and actually make their presence known in one of the most competitive regions in the world. That’s no small feat, and they’ve only just begun — that’s the best part! Who knows how high they’ll be able to soar in a few months’ time!

Their most recent loss to Vitality, however, did take a bit of shine off their luster. We don’t have an issue with them losing but rather the fashion in which it all transpired — they were outclassed in every sense of the word.

The reason why that’s so important is that we, too, bought into the hype. Misfits are as good as they seem, but they’re still not good enough to truly “go the distance” and leave a mark in the grand scheme of things.

And we’re totally okay with that. We’ll give them time — they’ve earned it.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | MSF vs. FNC Predictions — Reasons to Watch

This is essentially a clash between some of the best teams and players the LEC has to offer. What’s not to like? They’re also separated by just a single win which means this particular game could, by all means, be far more important than one would expect.

With their playoff spots locked, their goals have changed: now it’s all about securing as high a placement as possible so as to stand the best chance at leaving a mark come playoffs.

The top four teams are automatically seeded into the upper half of the bracket which means they can afford to drop the ball (once) and still “live to tell the tale.” Those ranked fifth and sixth won’t get such a luxury. It’s one strike and you’re out — merciless, no doubt, but also mighty entertaining!

Misfits are currently in sole possession of third place but with three games left to be played their position in the standings could very well change should they end up dropping the ball. They’re just two wins above EXCEL who are ranked fifth and just one win above G2 Esports, so even though they’ve secured their ticket to the postseason there are still many ways in which things could go awry.

In other words: both teams have a reason to try their absolute hardest, and getting a win here would not only do wonders for their confidence but it’d also give them a ton of momentum — something that’ll surely come in handy once the playoffs come around! It is of vital importance, really.

And, well, Misfits are in dire need of some momentum after getting demolished by Vitality just a few days ago. They were not only out of their element but also they bit off a bit more than they could chew; a most tremendous shellacking ensued as a result.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | MSF vs. FNC Predictions — Potential Risks

Misfits are no slouch. We do think they’re less capable than the boys in black and orange but by no means should they be underestimated. Prior to their loss to Vitality, they were actually able to string six wins in a row, and a good number of them came at the expense of top-tier contenders including G2 Esports, MAD, Rogue, EXCEL, and so on.

They obviously know what they’re doing and the fact that they dropped a game to Vitality last week in no way diminishes the incredible things they’ve accomplished thus far. They might not yet be ready to challenge for the LEC throne, but they sure will give the Rogues and Fnatics of the world a run for their money!

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | MSF vs. FNC Predictions:
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