2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | SK vs. MSF Predictions & Match Analysis

SK vs. MSF might not be the most anticipated clash of the week, but it’s not half bad either; predictions will surely lean towards the boys in white and red, but SK could, by all means, pull off an upset. It might be unlikely, but it’s still very much possible.

People are really down on SK for some odd reason and, well, we’re not entirely sure as to why. They were always going to be a middling gatekeeper and they’ve fulfilled their “role” beautifully.

They’ve had a few great moments and a host of truly dreadful ones — as was to be expected. They’re currently tied in seventh place with the defending champions MAD Lions which, in all fairness, isn’t all that bad. Their 5W-10L record is also pretty underwhelming, but a few of their losses could have easily been avoided and that’s something worth keeping in mind.

They’re better than most folks give them credit for. They are horrendously inconsistent, however, and that also warrants a mention. Their streaks and surges come out of nowhere and they conclude and climax about as fast as they were brought into existence.

Don’t try to understand or “solve” the SK Gaming puzzle as you won’t get far in your efforts.

On a good day, they can really tango with the who’s who of the LEC. On a bad one, they’re pretty much the worst team in the league.

How in the world they can go from beating G2 Esports to losing to Astralis just a few days later is beyond our comprehension. It boggles the mind, and is a mystery that we have neither the time nor energy to tackle. One could argue that it’s standard “gatekeeper behavior” — they’re streaky, inconsistent, and far too volatile for their own good.

Be that as it may, they can trade blows with teams ranked above them — they just can’t do it consistently. They are not to be underestimated and we hope that Misfits know it, too.

MSF — A Most Promising Contender

Many words were written on the topic of Misfits Gaming and the incredible things they’ve accomplished over the last two or so months. They’re the youngest team in the LEC by average age and yet you’d never be able to tell based on their play.

They’ve been absolutely stellar thus far and we can’t wait to see how well they’ll navigate the exceedingly complicated challenge that is a five-game series! In the interim, they still have three games left to play, and two of them are quite winnable (to say the least). They have Astralis on Friday and SK Gaming on Sunday — two teams that, while severely limited in potential, can still pack one heck of a punch.

Their playoff hopes have been dashed and they have nothing left to lose or gain. Will this crush their spirits and hinder their play or, conversely, motivate them to their absolute hardest so as to end the split off with a bang?

We’re leaning more towards the latter; Misfits, therefore, would be wise not to underestimate their upcoming opponents. They might be incredibly flawed, but they can still mount an offensive and pull off an upset from time to time.

2022 LEC Betting | SK vs. MSF Predictions — Potential Risks

The way in which Misfits lost to Vitality has not left us indifferent. It was a shellacking from start to finish and, potentially, an indication that the boys in white and red still have a lot of work to do before being able to compete with the “big dogs.”

One simply has to wonder: will they brush off said loss and get back to their winning ways? Or will it perhaps affect their confidence and make them start doubting themselves? Both options are totally possible, and it’s still a bit too early to draw any kind of conclusion.

Fortunately for Misfits, SK have many more issues to work on and are fairly easy to read. Preparing for such a team, therefore, really shouldn’t be that big of a challenge. It’s not the simplest thing in the world, mind you, but they have the right players for the job along with a standout MVP candidate in the mid lane.

If they play their cards right, they should definitely be able to get another win on the board and, in doing so, generate a bit of hype for the forthcoming playoffs!

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | SK vs. MSF Predictions:
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