2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | SK vs. RGE Predictions & Match Analysis

SK vs. RGE is sort of a reprieve, a calm before the storm (by which we mean the Spring Split playoffs); as far as predictions go, this is a pretty darn simple one, but by no means should anyone underestimate what SK could pull off — they’re far more capable than the odds would suggest.

And it’s not just that they’re better than they look but also the fact that their Spring Split is all but officially over. They’ll get to play just three more games and that’s it; afterwards, they’ll only get to watch and spectate as their more capable peers duke it out for a shot at glory.

SK no longer have a reason to fight and try their hardest which doesn’t, however, mean they’ll go “gently into that good night.” They’re a feisty bunch and are surely angry (mostly at themselves) for “dropping the ball.” This, paired with the fact that there’s nothing on the line can serve as quite a boon and, by proxy, turn them into a formidable opponent — assuming they can harness and tap into said anger.

They know they’re out and that there’s no changing it. So, what’s the next best thing? Well upending everyone’s expectations, of course! Now they can play without any fear whatsoever which means they should be accorded the utmost respect by their opponents. They’re motivated to go out in a “blaze of glory” and if they happen to be underestimated they will surely capitalize and punish.

Rogue, however, are on a whole different level, and they’re experienced and capable enough to handle whatever SK might come out the gates with. Their most recent win over EXCEL was just the kind of masterclass we wanted to see — a statement win over a surging mid-tier contender and a reminder that Rogue are still one of the biggest frontrunners to win the whole thing.

It was a very clean game macro-wise, with Rogue making just a handful of negligible mistakes from start to finish. They were able to accrue a four thousand gold lead just fifteen minutes in, and the vast majority of it came through stellar laning and timely rotations. Nothing more, nothing less. Such an amount proved to be most sufficient as they quickly snowballed their way to victory — just another day at the office.

Their spot in the Top 4 has been secured, but there’s still a reason to tryhard: they want to finish in first place and, by doing so, earn the right to pick their first playoff opponent. That’s hugely important as it can be used as a tremendous strategic “weapon.”

Heck, it’s even better than getting a playoff bye!

To finish first, Rogue cannot afford to drop the ball as they’re just one win above the former “Kings of Europe” Fnatic. Fortunately, they have a slightly less challenging strength of schedule: SK Gaming, Team BDS, and G2 Esports.

All three games are winnable, and they know it, too. The only real threat would be G2, but they, too, have been rather inconsistent and have won just a single game out of their last four.

That’s… not a good look for a team with such lofty aspirations and goals. But we digress: now it’s all about Rogue and their shot at making history. To do so, all they need to do is beat two bottom-dwellers and an inconsistent top-tier challenger.

We believe in their chances. How could we not, after all that they’ve done and accomplished in such a short period of time?

2022 LEC Betting | SK vs. RGE Predictions — Reasons to Watch

As already mentioned, this is far from a premier match-up. There’s a chasm between these two teams, and we all know it. Still, SK are in an interesting position here: they get to play spoiler and would love nothing more than to end their Spring Split “run” with a bang.

Beating Rogue sure would throw a wrench in their plans, and that’s precisely why SK will surely try their hardest, even though they stand nothing to gain whatsoever. This kind of setup is inherently interesting and it can, at times, produce the most unexpected result.

So why not tune in and observe the “spectacle?” It’ll surely be a fun, skirmish-heavy affair between some of Europe’s finest… and SK Gaming.

2022 LEC Betting | SK vs. RGE Predictions — Potential Risks

Our only fear — and it’s wholly warranted — is that Rogue will opt to “experiment” and do a bit of limit testing, now that their spot in the playoffs has been secured. We’ve seen it a million times before.

The last week of the split is always stacked with an incredible amount of tryharding and buffoonery.

Now, we don’t think Rogue would do such a thing (they’re not G2 Esports, after all), but it’s still something worth keeping in mind. Strange things have happened over the last few weeks, and it certainly wouldn’t surprise us. It makes sense, too, to think outside the box and whip out something strange and off-the-wall — now is the time to do it, with the playoffs being right around the corner and all.

Here’s hoping for a “by the books” kind of game!

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | SK vs. RGE Predictions:
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