2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | SK vs. XL Predictions & Match Analysis

SK vs. XL could end up being a lot more competitive than the odds would suggest; predictions will surely lean towards the latter, but by no means should SK be underestimated — they have five wins on the board and are motivated beyond measure to end the split off with as big of a bang as they possibly can.

They’re one of the few teams in the LEC that now get to play spoiler: that’s a special kind of delight. It’s not going to erase their many failures, but it will make them less devastating.

And that, in itself, is a goal worth fighting for.

Moreover, SK’s wins over MAD and G2 tell us that they can, in fact, pack a punch. Not always, of course, and the effectiveness of these “blows” heavily fluctuates and depends on a wide range of factors (some of which are rarely in their control), but it’s still something worth mentioning.

They have the same overall tally as the defending champions and are just a few wins below the sixth-ranked team. That’s not such a bad position seeing how, at their core, they’re nothing but a severely flawed gatekeeper.

Had they performed a bit better during the onset of the season they would’ve been able to compete for a spot in the playoffs. Right now, however, they only have a 3% chance of making the cut which is to say that they have no chance at all.

Still, they’ll surely try their hardest so as to end things off in the best possible way and, in doing so, generate some semblance of hype and momentum for the second half of the competitive season. They’re not a bad team per se and they could, by all means, challenge their more capable peers in a few months’ time.

A New Challenger Appears

EXCEL Esports, on the other hand, are on the verge of making history — they’re just one win away from making playoffs which would be a first for the organization. Took them long enough!

And, seeing how they’re probably going to lose to G2 Esports on Friday, this particular game could end up playing a much more important role than one would expect. Granted, EXCEL have a 97% chance of making the cut but they’ll still be looking to seal the deal, so to speak, and not leave their fate in someone else’s hands.

Now is their shot at making history, and they’re surely motivated to overcome this multi-year-long hurdle and then focus all of their time and energy on preparing for those highly anticipated Best of 5s that are coming sooner than people expect.

So, needless to say, they’ll be on their best behavior — they’ll reach for their most comfortable picks and strategies and play things “by the book” so as to stand the absolute best possible chance at winning.

And, based on all that they’ve shown thus far, win they almost certainly will. There are never any guarantees, of course, but we’ll be mighty surprised (not to mention disappointed) if they were to drop the ball here against a team as flawed as SK Gaming.

It’s not that SK don’t have the tools to win, but rather that preparing a viable strategy for such a “limited” team (in terms of talent and potential) shouldn’t prove to be that big of a challenge — even for EXCEL.

They’ve won five of their last seven games with their two defeats coming at the hands of Rogue and Misfits — wholly excusable losses if you ask us. EXCEL have been far more cohesive and capable than any one us had expected coming into 2022, and they just need to maintain course for a few more days and all of their hard work will finally pay off.

We don’t think they’ll accomplish anything of note in the forthcoming playoffs, but it’ll nonetheless be interesting to see how well they can navigate a five-game series and whether or not they’ll be able to tango with the who’s who of the LEC.

In any case, reaching Top 6 is not only a feat worthy of respect but also a confirmation that they really are on the right path. It’ll also give them ample momentum and more than enough confidence — two things that’ll surely be of vital importance once the second half of the season comes along.

2022 LEC Betting | SK vs. XL Predictions — Reasons to Watch

These two teams, while undoubtedly flawed and restricted in terms of potential, are still fairly capable and fun to watch. The meta is also mighty entertaining which means we’re bound to witness a hectic affair with a ton of action and more skirmishing than you can shake a stick at!

That, to us at least, is a pretty darn good reason for anyone to tune in. If you’re looking for pristine execution or the most nuanced macro then you’d be wise to look elsewhere, but if you’re up for a fun scrap and an entertaining game of League, then you really can’t go wrong with SK vs. XL.

Our only fear — and it’s a well founded one — is that EXCEL will crumble underneath the pressure. Most of their players are very experienced so it’s more of an irrational fear, but it’s nonetheless wholly justified after so many years of watching EXCEL fumble and fail.

Will they finally go the whole nine yards? It sure does look like it; we just hope they’re smart enough not to underestimate SK Gaming as it could come at a dire cost.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | SK vs. XL Predictions:
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