2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | VIT vs. AST Predictions & Match Analysis

VIT vs. AST doesn’t really get one’s blood pumping; predictions will, naturally, lean towards Luka “Perkz” Perković and his incredibly talented teammates, but it’d be unwise of anyone to proclaim this as a foregone conclusion.

There are two reasons as to why: 1) Vitality is the most volatile team in the LEC; 2) Astralis can pack one heck of a punch when you least expect it. They’re still a bottom-dweller, mind you, but whenever the stars align and they play their absolute best League of Legends, Astralis can, in fact, trade blows with the who’s who of the LEC.

They seldom win, granted, but by no means should they be underestimated — especially not now when they have nothing left to lose and are only looking to play spoiler and throw a wrench in someone else’s plans.

Vitality have stepped up over the last few weeks, but we’re still wary of labeling them as an actual contender. We’re baffled by their volatility. Are they good? Incredible? Abysmal? Who knows! You might as well toss a coin and hope for the best.

The fact that they’ve finally attained a positive record is also no reason to celebrate — they should’ve had one from the very beginning. We’re not going to give them any praise for accomplishing the bare minimum.

For a team as stacked as theirs, anything other than a Top 3 finish has to be considered a failure, and if we were to judge them by that metric then they’ve already failed spectacularly.

Barely scraping by and making the playoffs cut is tantamount to a scandal in this case — we’re talking about one of the most stacked teams in LEC history, not some random bunch that was assembled overnight.

Fortunately, they have shown signs of life, although it’s still way too early to draw any conclusions. Their most recent win over Misfits was clean and commanding, but it was just one game, and they’ll need to string a few more such dominant showings for us to give them the benefit of the doubt and to truly “board the hype train.”

2022 LEC Betting | VIT vs. AST Predictions — Reasons to Watch

Astralis have been far more competitive than expected. They’ve rarely won, granted, but the point stands nonetheless. The fact that they could not only handle Rogue and Fnatic but even beat them — without any off-the-wall shenanigans — means that they, too, have the “tools to tango.”

They might not be a particularly dangerous opponent overall, but if left to their own devices they can, by all means, pull off the seemingly impossible. Vitality are, in a way, the perfect kind of “target.” They’re overly confident, ego-driven, they tend to play without respect, and have an incredibly low amount of synergy.

If ever there was a team susceptible to getting upset, it’s Team Vitality. They’re their own biggest enemy.

2022 LEC Betting | VIT vs. AST Predictions — Potential Risks

On a good day they’re an absolute giant, but those days have been a scarce occurrence.On a bad one, they’re amongst the most volatile and exploitable teams in the West, and it’s quite a baffling dichotomy — one that may still prevent them from leaving a mark.

We’re wary of a potential upset. There’s really no way for us to predict what’ll happen and how well Vitality will perform. These things are always up in the air and, well, they’re not tied to whom they’re facing either.

They’re a coin-flip kind of team, one that thrives off of momentum — high variance, they call it. When they’re “on top” there’s but a handful of teams out there that can compete. When that’s not the case, however, they’re as weak and vulnerable as it gets.

They’re better than Astralis in every conceivable way, but we still find it hard to fully and unreservedly call them the favorites; we mean that in general, regardless of whom they’re up against.

Be that as it may, we simply cannot bet against them in this instance. They’re amongst the most talented players the West has to offer and should definitely be able to handle Astralis, no matter what the boys in blue and red might come out the gates with.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | VIT vs. AST Predictions:
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