2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions & Match Analysis

With the defending champions falling from grace, VIT vs. MAD simply doesn’t have as strong of an allure as expected; predictions will also be all over the place, but most folks will, naturally, side with Luka “Perkz” Perković and his incredibly skilled (if a bit too inconsistent) allies — betting on MAD simply wouldn’t make any sense given their 5W-10L record and, perhaps even more horrific, their six-game losing streak.

And no, that wasn’t a typo: the boys in white and gold really have lost six games in a row, and they’ve lost to both top-tier challengers and bottom-dwellers alike.

They’re not the worst team in the LEC but, in all fairness, they’re not far off either. Team BDS and Astralis are generally worse (and obviously nowhere near as capable), and while we’d also throw SK Gaming into that basket as well they have, one could argue, been a fair bit more impressive, although we’re definitely talking about the most negligible of nuances here.

They’re all pretty darn bad and there’s no other way to say it.

MAD are, however, the only ones who’ve actually regressed — an indication that they’re still struggling to solve their many issues, most of which go as deep as the marrow of the bone.

SK, BDS, and Astralis have at least improved over time which, frankly, is what you’d expect. It’s a simple formula: lose, work on your issues, and then come back stronger.

Clear and simple, right? Well, there can still be outliers like MAD, a team that simply hasn’t been assembled appropriately. The way in which in-game roles have been assigned and allocated simply doesn’t work.

They don’t lack in talent but rather in identity.

And this deficiency has gotten more and more pronounced as the weeks went by. Their issues are most glaring and, frankly, even if the Spring Split were twice as long we don’t think it would’ve made a difference.

They can still pop off from time to time but there always comes a point at which they make a tremendous blunder and throw their lead away (assuming they have one in the first place). Like clockwork.

You don’t know when it’ll happen, but happen it certainly will.

Six losses in a row. Unfathomable, really, for a team as stacked as theirs. Now sure, they did bring in two inexperienced players from the ERLs, but no one thought those changes would make that big of a difference. MAD Lions were still able to retain three-fifths of their LEC-winning roster which, by all means, should’ve been enough for them to stand a chance against the crème de la crème.

Fate, however, had other plans.

Vitality’s Picking Up Steam

We’re still not quite sure what to think about Team Vitality. Whenever we get our hopes up it’s like they find a new and entirely different way of dropping the ball. Then comes a most impressive surge followed by a quick and sudden decline.

Rinse and repeat.

They have, in all fairness, won three of their last four games, with their sole defeat coming at the hands of Rogue. So, based on all metrics, one would have to say that they’re on the up-and-up. We don’t feel particularly confident in saying it, but the numbers don’t lie (all that often).

Just how good they are and whether or not they’ll be able to compete with the Rogues and Fnatics of the world still remains to be seen, but they’ve improved quite a bit over the last few weeks and have actually looked like a somewhat cohesive team with a fleshed out identity.

They’re not as strong as we thought they’d be, but they still have time to reach that point and actually leave some kind of a mark come playoffs.

They’re all but guaranteed to make the cut but because they’ve lost both of their games to EXCEL, they’ll have to settle with sixth place. Not particularly prestigious, but at least they weren’t punished for their dreadful 0W-3L start (and subsequent mediocrity).

2022 LEC Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions — Reasons to Watch

For all their flaws — of which there are many — these are still some of the most talented teams the LEC has to offer, and they’re comprised of some of the most respected and revered players around.

To what will you tune in, if not to this?

Granted, none of them are playing their best League of Legends right now, but we should still be in for a hectic, skirmish-heavy affair — one that is bound to deliver in all the right ways.

2022 LEC Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions — Potential Risks

The risk here are quite obvious: both teams are astonishingly volatile. Vitality have only been marginally better and more consistent, but many of their wins could have easily been losses, and that’s something worth keeping in mind.

For Vitality to win, they’ll have to adhere to a very simple string of prerequisites: draft a simple team comp that scales well into the late game, get Perkz on a champion with a lot of agency, enable Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek as much as possible (getting him on a comfort pick is a pretty good start), and the pieces should, by all means, fall into place.

There are still many ways for this whole thing to go awry, but we believe in Vitality — most of them are as seasoned as it gets and their veterancy alone (to say nothing of their mechanical prowess) should come in clutch now that things have gotten down to the wire.

Well, that’s our hope, at least. They could certainly prove us wrong and, given their many fumbles this split, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | VIT vs. MAD Predictions:
Team Vitality!
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