2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs Betting | FNC vs. G2 Predictions & Match Analysis

Predictions for FNC vs. G2 are never easy. Heck, that feels like an understatement. Two age-old organizations, two perennial giants, and two former “kings,” both of which have a shot at claiming the LEC throne — for what would be the millionth time.

It’s ripe for the taking, too, what with the MAD Lions imploding and all.

The most interesting thing about this particular “el clasico” is that we’ve already seen it mere weeks ago; these two giants already faced off in a Best of 5, and it was Fnatic who were able to emerge victorious — and in quite commanding fashion, too.

It was the kind of series that erases all doubt. Fnatic were the better team, more layered, more capable, and with a higher skill ceiling, too. And it wasn’t up for discussion either — it was as clear as day. It wasn’t exactly a blowout per se, but you never questioned who’d come out on top. Fnatic had a solution for any kind of problem, and a response to whatever G2 wanted to do on the Rift.

G2, however, then went on to face Team Vitality, a team which they outclassed with staggering ease in a fairly one-sided, three-game affair. Then, just two days later, they beat Misfits to a pulp (and made it look exceedingly easy, too).

In the intervening days between their loss to Fnatic and now, they’ve won a whopping six games in a row against two very dangerous opponents. And, better yet, they’ve improved leaps and bounds.

They’re more at ease with one another and have a much clearer team-wide identity. They’re cleaner in execution, they’re faster to react and to set things up on the Rift, they’re better individually but also as a five-man unit. They’ve grown, is what we’re saying, and that makes predicting this forthcoming Best of 5 a lot more challenging than one would expect.

G2 Esports — Better Across the Board

The improvements G2 have shown are by no means minute or negligible. They looked like a completely different team, one that could execute its game plans with a lot more ease and precision.

The things they did to Vitality and Misfits and the dexterity and deftness with which they outclassed them have left no one indifferent.

And so now we are left to wonder: have they improved enough for it to matter? Will they stand a chance against a team as stacked and talented and capable as Fnatic? Has the gap between them shrunk enough for it to matter — enough for it to make a difference?

We’re just not sure of it.

But that’s just one half of the equation — Fnatic’s Best of 5 against Rogue also warrants a bit of analysis. Heck, that feels like an understatement.

Fnatic — Rookie Mistakes Made In Hubris

We’re still somewhat confused by what had occurred last weekend. There’s really no other way to say it. It was a baffling sight, one that has, frankly, disappointed us. The boys in black and orange were on match point. All they needed to do to advance further into the Spring Split finals was play standard and not get overconfident.

Sadly, their hubris and ego took over. We saw a whopping three “salty runbacks” in succession. And Rogue, to their credit, capitalized — with ease, too. Fnatic failed to execute that particular strategy which they so ardently wanted to employ. And instead of reverting back to what they’re good at they opted to risk it all on a “coin toss.”

A reverse sweep was seemingly in the cards, and it came as a by-product of their myopia and stubbornness.

Their last three games were absolutely dreadful. Marek “Humanoid” Brázda, in particular, was a complete and utter non-factor. His Twisted Fate was abysmal — no roams, no ganks, no kills, nothing. Why in the world he was allowed to pick it three times in a row is beyond our comprehension.

Fnatic looked lost and meek and feeble, flawed beyond measure and without any of the tools necessary to get the job done. A dreadful showing by all metrics, made all the more vexing by their first two games — both of which were absolutely spectacular.

We sort of got a very good look at the two sides of Fnatic: we saw what they could become over time (a towering giant and champion worthy of respect) and what they can, at times, regress into — a flawed, ego-driven challenger.

And, the thing is, it’s so hard to fully and objectively assess and evaluate that whole five-game series. It can be interpreted in a myriad of different ways, some very favorable towards Fnatic, others less so.

It’s also hard to predict how it will affect them coming into this particular Best of 5, a clash against a team they’ve already beaten. Will they rest on their laurels? Will they underestimate G2 or, conversely, come out the gates swinging, motivated beyond measure to find a bit of redemption and claim the LEC throne?

We’ll find out soon enough.

2022 LEC Playoffs Betting | FNC vs. G2 Predictions & Match Analysis — Reasons to Watch

This match-up is about as interesting as a potential rematch between Fnatic and Rogue. These three are the de facto best teams in the LEC, and they’re all separated by fairly slim margins.

G2 are obviously the least capable of the bunch, but they, too, have grown tremendously throughout the playoffs and are, by all means, a member of the LEC pantheon. This really is as good as it gets, and you’d be wise to tune in — a spectacle is all but guaranteed! Both teams want to win, and they want it badly.

Fnatic are obviously favored, but if they’re not careful they could definitely end up on the receiving end of things against a very motivated G2 Esports. They’ve had enough time to conjure up a game plan of sorts — one that would give them a better shot at emerging victorious.

Will they succeed, though? We don’t think so, but by no means should they be underestimated. Their run through the lower half of the playoffs bracket has obviously been a big boon to their performance, and if they can find a way to harness said energy they could, by all means, push Fnatic to their very limit — especially if the boys in black and orange decide to “fool around” and experiment, much like they did against Rogue.

2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs Betting | FNC vs. G2 Predictions:
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