2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs Betting | Misfits vs. G2 Esports Predictions & Match Analysis

This is where things get a bit more precarious betting-wise. Misfits vs. G2 Esports might seem like a lopsided affair, but make no mistake: this’ll be as close as it gets, and it might even go the five-game distance, too.

But before we delve any deeper into the match-up itself and how things are most likely to pan out, we ought to first talk a bit about the boys in red and white — they’re undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the split and are, therefore, more than worthy of being highlighted and praised.

The sheer fact that they were able to accrue a whopping twelve wins in one of the most competitive regions in the world speaks volumes. They’re not a top-tier behemoth nor will they be upending the LEC status quo, but they are a very capable bunch and are never the ones to go down without a fight.

We really couldn’t have asked for anything more given their inexperience and the context in which they found themselves. They were not expected to accomplish anything of note. Anything higher than, say, eighth or seventh place would have been celebrated as a momentous triumph.

But they finished third, right behind Rogue and Fnatic, and for that they’ve earned our utmost respect and admiration.

Unfortunately, they were no match for the number one team in the LEC. It was a fairly competitive affair, granted, but at no point did we ever wonder who’d come out on top. Rogue were better across the board and they played some truly incredible League of Legends — they played at a level Misfits simply wouldn’t match.

And, well, the final outcome took absolutely no one by surprise. It was a foregone conclusion right from the very get-go.

G2 — The Kings Have Returned

Speaking of teams exceeding expectations, we have to touch on G2’s most recent win over Team Vitality. No one in their right mind thought it’d be a clean sweep. Those are exceedingly rare at this level of play, which only makes G2’s triumph that much more impressive.

It wasn’t the cleanest of showings overall, but they were superior when it mattered most. Their mid game, in particular, was absolutely sublime. They traversed the Rift with incredible ease, no matter if they were ahead or behind in gold. They weren’t perfect in their execution, but their ability to thrive and keep trading blows eventually proved vital.

But the one thing that really caught us all off guard was just how good Sergen “Broken Blade” Çelik and Victor “Flakked” Lirola were in the heat of the moment. They were the ones keeping G2 together, making the right plays and teamfighting like their lives depended on it.

We thought that Broken Blade would succumb to Barney “Alphari” Morris and his incredible laning prowess, but it was actually the opposite — the former LCS champion and TSM alumnus outplayed the Welshman with staggering ease. His exceptional performance on Jax in game one pretty much set the tone for the entire series.

Flakked, however, deserves the most praise.

The guy was absolutely incredible in all three games. Perfect, even. His laning was somewhat iffy, but he never fed nor did he lose become irrelevant as the game progressed. Quite the contrary, in fact. He was G2’s late game insurance, and he executed immaculately despite playing under an immense amount of pressure.

His positioning and ability to influence teamfights took us all by surprise. These were his three best games thus far and, needless to say, we can’t wait to see how much he’ll grow going forward and how high he’ll be able to soar come Summer Split.

2022 LEC Playoffs Betting | Misfits vs. G2 Esports Predictions — Reasons to Watch

This’ll be one heck of a clash, there’s no two ways about it. Misfits aren’t exactly on G2’s level, but they can nonetheless pack one heck of a punch and could definitely do a lot of damage if left unattended.

They’re also not as brash and arrogant as Team Vitality. Their drafts are a lot more varied and they’ve also shown a surprising amount of resilience, too.

They’re not expected to win, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they end up pushing G2 a lot more than Vitality did. It sounds strange, we know, but it’s just an inkling, and a most probable one at that.

And even if they don’t this’ll still be a fun, skirmish-heavy affair — one you should definitely tune in to!

2022 LEC Playoffs Betting | Misfits vs. G2 Esports Predictions — Potential Risks

While G2 and Vitality had to “fight for their lives,” Misfits had the luxury of taking a backseat and observing the spectacle. That’s no small benefit. G2 are the better team, though, and their weaknesses are few in number. Misfits have surely grown a ton over the last seven or so days but they couldn’t have grown enough for it to matter.

We simply can’t envision a world in which they come out on top. If Broken Blade could style over Alphari, what hope does Shin “HiRit” Tae-min have? Misfits are all out of win conditions, which doesn’t, however, mean they won’t be able to trade blows and entertain us in the process — that they very much will.

Once all is said and done, though, G2 Esports will almost surely be the last ones standing.

2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs Betting | Misfits vs. G2 Esports Predictions:
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