2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs Betting | Misfits vs. Rogue Predictions

Misfits vs. Rogue is the perfect way to start off the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs! At its core, it is a bit one-sided, but make no mistake: a win for the boys in blue is far from guaranteed!

These two teams have blown our minds in a myriad of different ways. We simply don’t understand how they were able to not only weather the proverbial storm (i.e. the most recent off-season) but also grow and evolve from such an experience.

Both teams had parted ways with their most important catalysts and yet it somehow didn’t matter. How in the world such a thing is even possible is beyond us, but they nonetheless deserve a metric ton of credit for it.

Now, though, comes the moment they’ve all been waiting (and fighting) for — the postseason. These two teams, in particular, have the luxury of experimenting, but only within reason. If they end up losing, they’ll move down to the loser’s bracket but they will get another shot at redemption.

The reason why we’re saying this is rather simple: both Misfits and Rogue will be able to play without much pressure, knowing that there’s no “guillotine” lingering above their necks. And that, in short, is a hugely important benefit, one that’ll no doubt serve as a boon to their play and overall psyche.

Now, how well do these two teams stack up against each other? Well, it’s a very interesting question and also one that is very hard to answer. Rogue are better across the board, but that doesn’t mean they’ll blow Misfits out of the water — or even come close to doing so.

The last time they fought, Misfits were the ones who got away with the win. Now, it was just a single game, but it does indicate a very important thing: Rogue can and have faltered — even against Misfits.

Now, do we expect that result to repeat itself? Not really, but it’s something worth keeping in mind. Misfits, at their very best, can definitely trade blows with Rogue. They’re an incredibly capable team and their vast inexperience rarely shows. When it does they do find themselves at a very big disadvantage, but they’ve also shown an uncanny ability to correct course and turn the tides, even in the face of the most gargantuan gold deficits.

They’ve yet to play a Best of 5. That’s the one thing you can never really prepare for beforehand or replicate in scrims. You have to live through it to fully understand what it is and how to best navigate such an unforgiving setting.

So no, it’s not all about mechanical prowess and synergy and whatnot — experience is the most important thing when it comes to trading blows in Best of 5s, and that’s the one thing this Misfits line-up so severely lacks.

Rogue — As Good as they Look

We had our doubts about the boys in blue. Everyone did, really. How could we not, after what had happened during the off-season? They faced the grimmest of odds and yet they still somehow managed to thrive and persevere amidst such challenging circumstances.

We’re still blown away by their growth and resilience, both of which were on display many a time throughout the 2022 LEC Spring Split. And, well, it’s safe to assume that their best days are yet to come.

They did make a couple of snafus at the most random of times, but that was to be expected — they became complacent after running circles around their opposition. It happens all the time and, to their credit, they immediately corrected course and got back into the win column, so all is forgiven.

We’re not sure if they’re as good as Fnatic, but they are better than everyone else. Of that you can be certain. With three veterans aboard, they should also be fairly good at navigating the treacherous Best of 5 setting. They’ll still make mistakes, but we’re not worried about them as much as we are for Misfits and EXCEL — two teams that are yet to experience such a taxing marathon.

Misfits Gaming — Telegraphed Moves

The one problem Misfits have — and it’s quite a big one — is their overreliance on Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié. Perhaps we should be a bit more precise: for Misfits to stand a chance at rubbing shoulders with the all-time greats, Vetheo needs to have a standout performance. Him being okay and solid simply won’t cut it.

And, to his credit, Vetheo sure did deliver whenever the need arose, but his MVP-esque moments and mind-blowing plays cannot be counted upon in a Best of 5 setting. Misfits are, therefore, a “one-threat team.”

The rest of his teammates have been great as well, but there’s a world of difference between a game in which Vetheo excels and one in which he’s just serviceable. League of Legends is a team game and shutting one guy down is by no means the hardest thing in the world — especially not for a team like Rogue.

Emil “Larssen” Larsson has had his best split yet (MVP-worthy, in fact), Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong has shown an incredible proficiency at getting his laners ahead, and Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus, too, has a penchant for roaming. Fnatic and Rogue are, therefore, a stylistic nightmare for a team like Misfits.

We’re not saying that Misfits are a one-dimensional team but they do telegraph their plays in advance. And, well, we’re not blaming them: they have to play through Vetheo given his immense talent and ability to “seal the deal.”

Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík, too, has stepped up quite a bit and has actually been one of the most consistent AD carries in the LEC — contrary to popular belief. He’s not the best laner overall, but his ability to navigate teamfights and dish out immense amounts of damage has been absolutely mind-blowing.

He’s first in Damage Per Minute amongst all marksmen with 602 — that alone tells you all you need to know when it comes to his performance and overall talent. He’s almost 100 points above Elias “Upset” Lipp, widely considered as the best AD carry in all of Europe. The fact that he’s able to generate such awe-inspiring numbers whilst having a painfully mediocre laning phase is also quite telling.

Still, a peaking marksman isn’t going to be enough for Misfits to win if Rogue find a way to neutralize Vetheo — and find it they almost surely will.

2022 LEC Betting | Misfits vs. Rogue Predictions — Reasons to Watch

These are some of the very best teams in the LEC — you have to watch; it’s really that simple! They’re feisty, capable, and surprisingly flexible, too. They’re also flawed and, at times, inconsistent, so you can never be too sure of how things will pan out and what the end result will be.

Rogue are obviously favored, but Misfits never go down without a fight, and they’ve also turned many a game on its head despite everyone counting them out. Are they at a ten thousand gold deficit? Not a problem! They’ll fight like they’re even.

That is perhaps their biggest strength — the ability to weather the storm and still keep on fighting, a virtue most often reserved for seasoned line-ups and grizzled veterans. And, well, they’re neither, which is why it’s all so darn impressive.

Their early game is atrocious, though, and that’s going to be a problem. They can’t always count on a miracle turnaround. They fall behind whenever and whereever, and unless they’ve somehow managed to shore it all up, Rogue will probably have a field day come Friday.

To their credit, they do know how to capitalize on their opponents overextending. That’s a rare talent but also one that cannot be counted upon. What happens if their opponents don’t make a big enough mistake? What happens if there’s no opening for them to exploit? Rogue have been absolutely incredible in the mid and later stages of the game and they have no issue in closing things out with even the smallest of leads.

It’s hard to really side with Misfits given whom they’re scheduled to face — a team that plays things “by the book” and seldom makes mistakes. They can also play a myriad of different styles and adapt to both their opponents and the situation they find themselves in.

Our choice here is clear; it’s the only one that makes sense.

2022 LEC Spring Split Playoffs Betting | Misfits vs. Rogue Predictions:
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