2022 LEC Spring Split Betting | Team BDS vs. Rogue Predictions & Match Analysis

Team BDS vs. Rogue is a lot more enticing than any of us had expected coming into 2022 — and we’re glad beyond measure for that being the case. This is by no means a clash of titans, but it’s still a mighty interesting match-up that could, by all means, yield fireworks.

Both teams delivered last week relative to pre-season expectations.
For Team BDS, the bar was set pretty low. They were far from perfect, but the things they did and the grit with which they fought definitely made us take notice. They’re still amongst the youngest and least experienced line-ups in the LEC so there’s ample room for them to further grow and develop. They’ve already earned our trust (and have piqued our interest) and if they keep playing at this level they’ll surely be able to challenge for a spot in the playoffs. Needless to say, we can’t wait for them to once again spawn on the Rift and show us what they’ve been working on.

Rogue, on the other hand, did far better than any of us thought was possible. Even the biggest optimists among us didn’t expect the boys in blue to enter 2022 with so much zest and fervor — especially not after losing two of their biggest catalysts in Kacper “Inspired” Słoma and Steven “Hans Sama” Liv.

Fortunately, the grimmest of prognoses did not materialize — to everyone’s glee and delight.

An LEC with a well-functioning, highly dangerous Rogue is an LEC that is ever more entertaining and action-packed. We’re extremely happy that they didn’t regress all that much, neither in terms of power nor potential.

How high they’ll eventually soar still remains to be seen, but a 3W-0L start is not only commendable but downright fantastic as well.

Granted, the three teams they were up against were by no means top-tier behemoths (SK Gaming, Misfits Gaming, Astralis), but the point still stands. Rogue did what needed to be done, and they got their hands raised in all three of their outings. What more could you ask for?

2022 LEC Betting | BDS vs. Rogue — Why It’s a Must Watch

Because both line-ups have a ton of potential and are playing some extremely fun League of Legends. They’re not going to “take it slow” or beat around the bush — they’ll engage, skirmish, and fight whenever possible in an attempt to create a big enough lead and then snowball their way to victory.

They’re not one-dimensional, mind you:
But they do prefer the more bravado-fuelled approach. Rogue are better at this than BDS which is hardly a surprise. Still, they’re not particularly cohesive at this point in time and have made multiple blunders thus far — both individually as well as a five-man unit.

They’re fallible, is what we’re saying, and could, therefore, drop the ball should they be pushed hard enough. Now, is the BDS bunch capable enough to truly push Rogue to their limits? We doubt it, but by no means is it impossible — especially if they can take away Rogue’s most powerful picks and draft a good enough team comp (i.e. something that can engage and thrive come late game).

Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos, for instance, currently ranks as the number one marksman in the LEC (stat-wise).

With a KDA of 13.7, 89.1% Kill Participation, and 744 DPM he’s looked like an absolute behemoth. Then again, he played against three mid-tier gatekeepers, and was given Jinx in all three of Rogue’s outings. Moreover, he laned exclusively against Jhin. If you were to change any one of these elements, the results would surely change as well.

Is Comp as impactful on other champions as he is on Jinx? How big of a role does this particular champion play in his dominance? Plus, he had laned against Jean “Jezu” Massol, Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup, and Matúš “Neon” Jakubčík — arguably some of the weakest AD carries in the LEC. Will he be as effective against the likes of, say, Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság and Elias “Upset” Lipp? How about Patrik “Patrik” Jírů?

These are all hugely important questions, and we can’t wait to see them answered. The sample size that’s at our disposal is still very small and meager. So just because a team (or an individual, for that matter) looks great right now doesn’t mean it’ll look great in the long run.

Plus, there are many “shades” of greatness.

You can be great and yet remain a gatekeeper. Or, conversely, be great and challenge for the throne. We’re still unsure of which “great” we’re talking about here, but we’re bound to find out sooner rather than later.

The jury’s still out on Team BDS, though. With just three games in the history books, it’s still too early to paint them as either a challenger or a gatekeeper.

Please Note:
We’re obviously leaning more towards the latter, but it’d be unfair of us to judge and label them in any way so early into the season.

In any case, they’ve impressed us thoroughly last week and if they stay the course they’ll no doubt make waves further down the line.

2022 LEC Betting | BDS vs. Rogue — What’s Most Likely to Happen

This is a very tricky question to answer, especially seeing how we’re still at the very start of the competitive season. Strange things have happened thus far, and this “streak” will no doubt continue into the second week of the 2022 LEC Spring Split. We don’t expect BDS to beat Rogue, but a win for the boys in blue is far from guaranteed.

The important thing is that Team BDS put up a fight even in their losses — they were never outclassed or beaten to a pulp which bodes well for their future. They didn’t win, of course, but to see them stand their ground was more than enough given their inexperience and the fact that no one gave them much of a chance coming into 2022.

This particular game against Rogue will, therefore, be quite telling. Are they good enough to compete with the “big dogs?” And, if not, how big is the gap between them and their more seasoned adversaries? That’s what we’re all dying to find out.

Rogue have the tools to win and their experience and veterancy will also come in clutch should BDS come out the gates swinging.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary that BDS have to offer at this point in time that could surprise Rogue — the boys in blue are a lot more seasoned and have an incredibly capable coaching staff that’ll surely prepare them for all possible scenarios.

So, we’re going with Rogue on this one, but by no means will it be as one-sided as the odds would suggest.

2022 LEC Betting | BDS vs. Rogue — Potential Risks

As already mentioned, unexpected twists are par for the course whenever we’re at the start of the competitive season.

There are simply too many intangibles and factors outside of everyone’s control. So, in theory, Team BDS could definitely pull off an upset here. Still, based on everything that we’ve seen thus far, getting against Rogue in this scenario would not only be ill-advised but also somewhat ludicrous.

They’re flawed and inconsistent, but they’re still better than BDS and should be able to prove this Saturday as well.

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