2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | BDS vs. G2 Predictions & Match Analysis

BDS vs G2 is about as big a mismatch as the LEC has to offer at this point in time; there’s really no other way to say it. We have the absolute best team in all of Europe facing off against the de facto worst and least capable.

That’s… quite underwhelming, all things considered.

This kind of set-up, however, should not dissuade you from tuning in. Team BDS, for all their flaws and deficiencies, are still quite capable. Their first three games were about as flawed as we thought they’d be, but they still had moments of brilliance and were just a few good decisions away from taking down Team Vitality, too!

That’s not necessarily worth much these days, but for a team most folks (rightfully) had pegged at tenth place, that’s actually quite a stellar accomplishment. Trading blows with a team as stacked as Vitality augurs quite well for BDS and their future.

In fact, BDS had the lead in all three of their games. They were faster around the map and they had a very concrete idea of what needed to be done and when; that’s not something you’d expect from such an inexperienced line-up so credit where credit is due.

They have grown and they have improved, and the fact that it probably won’t result in any tremendous wins or upsets should in no way diminish or devalue their valiant effort.

If they can keep this up and find a way to translate their leads into wins they could, by all means, end up causing a bit of havok further down the line.

BDS vs G2 Predictions — A Tremendous Mismatch

With all of that being said, no sane man would ever bet on them to win against the incumbent champions G2 Esports. They’re so darn good at the game it’s not even fair towards the rest of their contemporaries.

And it’s like they’ve reached a totally new level upon returning from Busan, too.

They’re pulling out weird pocket picks against some of the very best teams in Europe and are still finding tremendous amounts of success. They are, by all means, the biggest favorites to win the Summer Split and subsequently represent Europe on the biggest of stages come October.

We just can’t envision a world in which they end up losing. Fnatic and Rogue are good, but they’re nowhere near as adept at the current meta as G2, and that’s not going to change any time soon. And, well, if they’re not good enough to compete on even footing then what hope could BDS possibly have?

Betting on G2 is the way to go.

2022 LEC Summer Split Betting | BDS vs G2 Predictions:
G2 Esports!
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